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First occurence of Cherry virus a (cva) in the Czech Republic.


A preliminary survey on Cherry virus A (CVA) has been performed in the Czech Republic in 2008-2009, including a germplasm collection, various growing areas and nurseries. 200 sweet and sour cherry leaf samples (Prunus avium, P. cerasus) were collected and tested by optimized RT-PCR using a new set of primers CVAZR2/CVAZF2. The 405 bp CVA-specific amplicon was obtained from two sweet cherry trees, namely cv. H 15/31 from Holovousy germplasm collection (originally from Romania) and the seedling P. avium from the nursery SEMPRA Turnov. To confirm RTPCR results, CVA amplification products were directly sequenced. To our knowledge, this is the first report of CVA in the Czech Republic.