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Physic-chemical study of the Marismeña cattle breed meat in different fattening systems.


Marismeña cattle breed is a feral population included in a pre-zootechnic agro-ecosystem, the Doñana protected area. In spite of these characteristics so exclusives, the absence of characterization of their products difficults the finding of a way of commercialization differentiated of the typical commerce, adding value to product by way of a differentiated quality. The preliminary results of a meat physic-chemical study are presented. Seventeen animals of the breed have been studied reared in two different systems of fattening: its natural context and a commercial fattening station. Meat shown significant differences between the management systems for the results of the chemical analysis and colour at 24 hours posmortem. Animals belonging to the extensive system shown meat low in fat, with a high percentage of humidity, and colour with lower tone of red (p<0.01) and yellow (p<0.001), when compared with intensive animals. Results demonstrated a differentiation between both systems, together with some arguments to differentiate the products of this breed in the market.