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Aqueous and water extracts of chosen botanicals on Helicoverpa armigera Hubner and Spodoptera litura Fab.


Long before knowing the structure of plant naturally occuring chemicals (botanicals), plants or derivatives. These were extensively used in agriculture as insecticides. At present current botanicals in commercial use for insect control falls into four types (pyrethrum, rotenone, neem and essential oils) and a few more (ryania, nicotene, sabadilla, piperamides and isobutylamide related compounds), quassia are of limited use. Recently, juvenoids (methoprene and kinoprene), ecdysteroids (phytoecdysones) and ecdysteroid against (RH's) have also been considered as integrated pest management (IPM) compounds. However, farmer's point of view water extraction and aqueous extraction have been recommended for crop pest management. I will discuss about the use of oils, water extracts, aquous extracts, and plant powder in pest management briefly. I briefly elaborated about the impact of Azadirachta indica A. Jesuss., Calotopis gigantia, Vitex negundo, Ipomea cornea, Pongiamia pinnata, Tephrosia purpuprea (Linn.), T. villosa, Pedalium murex, Vitex negundo Linn., Crystella parasitica, P. aquilinum and H. arifolia Linn on selected economically important pests such as Helicoverpa armigera Hubner and Spodoptera litura Fab. Median lethal concentrations, its role in pest management and groundnut production under field conductions were recorded.