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Potential solutions for the control of riparian and aquatic invasive weeds: a review on the progress of classical biological control programmes in the UK.


The impact of invasive alien species on riparian ecosystems can be profound. The UK is leading the research into the biological control of several invasive aquatic and riparian plants common to many European countries. This has recently resulted in the release of the first biological control agent against a weed in Europe. This presentation highlights the status of ongoing research into the biological control of invasive alien species in the UK, with particular reference to Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica), Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera), floating pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides), swamp stonecrop (Crassula helmsii), giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) and floating fairy fern (Azolla filiculoides) in the context of the Water Framework Directive.