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Two new records of Turkish nematode fauna: Ditylenchus equalis and Pratylenchus pseudopratensis.


The fauna and taxonomy of plant parasitic nematodes were studied in potatoes in Istanbul, Turkey from 2006 to 2008, during the autumn and summer months, when adult nematodes are more abundant. A total of 14 species belonging to 1 suborder, 4 superfamilies, 5 families, 5 subfamilies and 6 genera under Tylenchida were recorded. The species were: Filenchus cylindricus, F. sheri, F. filiformis, F. butteus, Boleodorus thylactus, Ditylenchus equalis, D. parvus, Bitylenchus dubius, Helicotylenchus digonicus, Pratylenchus thornei, P. vulnus, P. loosi, P. pseodopratensis [Pratylenchus pseudopratensis] and Meloidogyne arenaria. D. equalis and P. pseudopratensis were newly recorded in Turkey.