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Spirochaetosis in aviary breaded partridges (Perdix perdix).


Spirochaetosis in laying partridges (Perdix perdix) in aviary breeding farm has been established. Causative agent Borrelia anserina has been observed microscopically in preparations of blood and organ smears from livers, spleens and kidneys. Cystic forms of Spirochaetes in erythrocytes has been established. That form is cause for considerable difficulties in diagnostic and therapy of the disease. It is the first case of detection of spirochaetosis in partridges in our country. The investigation proves that the observation of cyst forms of Spirochaetes in erythrocytes, as well as in parenchime cells, is a reason for diagnose of spirochaetosis in partridges. According to our experience, combine application of appropriate antibiotic with nitroimidazole preparation is necessary for successful therapy.