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Response of different promising genotypes of sesame to major insect pests and leaf spot disease.


Twenty-four genotypes of a varied geographic and genetic diversity which are cultivated in India were tested against major insect pests and diseases of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). The infestation of gall fly (Asphondylia sesami Felt) at 50 days after sowing ranged from 1.37 to 51.01 per cent. The infestation of capsule borer (Antigastra catalaunalis Duponchel) at harvest ranged from 26.02 to 76.70 per cent. The disease intensity of Cercospora leaf spot ranged from 53.33 to 96.67 per cent. None of the genotypes was found to be resistant or tolerant to Cercospora leaf spot disease. The genotypes OS-15 and OS-5 exhibited a better tolerance to gall fly and capsule borer. However, the highest yield was recorded for RT-238 (763 kg/ha) followed by AT-82 (726 kg/ha).