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Different susceptibility to deltamethrin in Aedes aegypti populations from Trujillo state, Venezuela.


Dengue is an important public health problem in Venezuela, where Aedes aegypti is the main vector. The purpose of this study was to determine the status of susceptibility to deltamethrin in nine natural populations of A. aegypti from Trujillo state compared with the susceptible Rockefeller strain. Bioassays were carried out following the methodology of the World Health Organization. The values of mortalities were found between 89% and 97%, allowing categorize the populations from Trujillo, Pampan, Pampanito, Flor de Patria, Motatan, Tres Esquinas and Cubita as resistant under verification, with values KDT50 between 15.7 min and 24.1 min, suggesting the possibility of resistance which must be confirmed and the populations from Monay and Filo as susceptible, with a KDT50 of 15.5 and 20.2 min, respectively, and 99 and 98% mortality at 24 hours. These results should be considered when designing programs for vector control to ensure those are effective to control A. aegypti populations.