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Three lignicolous macrofungi from district Doda of Jammu Province (J&K), India.


Three lignicolous macrofungal species, namely, Fomes fomentarius (L.ex Fr.) Fn, Fomitopsis pinicola (Fr.) Kar and Fomes igniarius (L.) Fr. belonging to aphyllophorales, collected from Kishtwar and Bhadarwah regions of district Doda of Jammu province (J&K), India, have been described in the present communication. Their taxonomic details, macro and micro-morphological characters have also been included. Critical microscopic observations and persual of literature revealed that Fomes igniarius is new addition to the macrofungal flora of Jammu and Kashmir while as Fomes fomentarius and Fomitopsis pinicola are the First authentic records for the Jammu province.