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Life history and behaviour of Rastrococcus invadens Williams on Ficus thonningii in Nigeria.


Investigations were conducted on life history of Rastrococcus invadens William (Hemi: Pseudococcidae) reared on Ficus thonningii plant in the southern guinea savanna of Nigeria. Microscopic slides were prepared for the existing life forms according to the conventional method in entomology. Observations were made on the body structure and dimensions. Attention was paid to body outgrowth and appendages as possible future tools in taxonomic key's construction. Result showed that there were three instars and the adult stage. The entire life history lasted 50 days, adult body length ranged between 10.05 mm and 11.34 mm (x=10.80±0.9 mm) n=20 while the body width ranged between 7.34 mm and 8.67 mm (x=8.00±0.94 mm) n=20. Behaviours of the neonates and adult regarding movement,feeding and growth were monitored and reported which were found to be greatly different from what was observed in Togo and Benin, (close neighbouring countries of Nigeria) with different abiotic factors such as rainfall, humidity and wind. The possible ecological factors responsible for these differences are discussed.