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A new herbicide of pre-emergence of maize without atrazine in Togo: aclonifene 330 G/L/isoxaflutole 50 G/L.


Herbicide aclonifène 330/isoxaflutole 50 has been tested in preemergence on maize crop in Togo during cropping campaigns 2006-07 and 2007-08. The results of the study indicated there is 45-days after treatment (DAT) persistence action of the herbicide. Its efficacy was better on broadleaf weeds like Tridax procumbens, Cleome viscosa, Euphorbia heterophylla than on grass weeds Digitaria horizontalis, Rottboellia cochinchinensis and Paspalum scrobiculatum. This herbicide was selective of maize and has no depressive effect on maize grain yield. Herbicide aclonifène 330/isoxaflutole 50 can be recommended for pre-vulgarization at 330+50 g a.i./ha dose.