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Resistance of local castor genotypes to Achaea janata Linn. and Spodoptera litura Fabr.


Four local genotypes of castor, Ricinus communis Linn viz. Local red (gloomy), local red (non-gloomy), local green (gloomy), and local green (non-gloomy), evaluated for their resistance to two major defoliators viz. semilooper, Achaea janata L. and tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura Fabr. under the rainfed agro-ecosystem of Manipur showed significant differences in resistance to the defoliators in different degrees of defoliation. Local red-gloomy genotype emerged was the most resistant with the least mean population record of both the defoliators and consequently, the lowest defoliation to a tune of 39.20%. Local green non-gloomy genotype was found to have the least resistance with highest population record of semilooper (5.15/plant) and tobacco caterpillar (6.75/plant) causing the most severe defoliation of 42.50%. Powdery varieties showed more consistency of resistance to the insects with lower defoliation than the non-gloomy ones.