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Parasitoids and predators of rice insect pests of Jorhat districts of Assam.


This paper presents parasitoids and predators of rice ecosystem recorded during 1999-2000 at three locations of Jorhat district of Assam, India. Altogether, 30 species of parasitoids and 26 species of predators were recorded along with their hosts, period of activity and relative abundance. Among the parasitoids, Cotesia flavipes, Cardiochiles philippensis and Ischnojoppa luteator are the most abundant, while Lycosa pseudoannulata, Oxyopes javanus, O. lineatipes. Tetragnatha sp., Micraspis discolor, Cheilomenes sexmaculata, Coccinella transversalis, Coccinella septempunctata, Ophionea nigrofasciata, Agriocnemis pygmaea and A. famina famina are the most abundant predators.