Invasive Species Compendium

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Small fruits.


This small book concerns the potential cultivation of small tropical fruits in Africa for export. Topics covered include fruit quality, climate and soils, site factors, cultural methods, phytosanitary restrictions of importing countries, transport, storage and European Union import statistics for various fruits and fruit products. Specific notes on the cultivation and uses of cashews, Annona species (cherimoyas, A. muricata, A. squamosa, A. reticulata), breadfruits, Chrysophyllum cainito, carambolas, Sechium edule, durians, strawberries, passion fruits, guavas, pomegranates, Physalis peruviana, jackfruits, Indian Ziziphus jujuba [Z. mauritiana], Nephelium litchi [Litchi chinensis], Macadamia ternifolia var. integrifolia, mangosteens, Passiflora quadrangularis, melons, Brazil nuts, pawpaws, watermelons, persimmons, Eugenia jambos [Syzygium jambos], rambutans, Dacryodes edulis, sapodillas, Spondias mangifera [S. pinnata], Terminalia catappa, tamarillos and some other, lesser known species, are presented. A short glossary is included.