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Larval food plants of hawk moths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) affecting commercial crops in Australia.


The larvae of the sphingids Acosmeryx anceus anceus (Stoll), Agrius convolvuli (L.), Cephonodes kingii (Macleay), Coequosa triangularis (Don.), Gnathothlibus erotus eras (Boisd.), Hippotion celerio (L.), H. scrofa (Boisd.), Hyles lineata livornicoides (Lucas), Psilogramma menephron menephron (Cram.), Theretra latreillii latreillii (Macleay) and T. oldenlandiae firmata (Wlk.) feed on plants cultivated commercially in Australia. The crops affected include grapevine, sweet potato, olive, macadamia and lemon. Other larval food-plants of these 11 species of sphingids are listed, more than 80 being previously unrecorded. A key to the final-instar larvae of the 11 sphingids is provided.