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Winters and early springs are predicted to become warmer in temperate climates under continued global warming, which in turn is expected to promote earlier plant development. By contrast, there is no consensus about the changes in the occurrence and severity of late spring frosts. If the frequency...

Vitasse, Y.; Schneider, L.; Rixen, C.; Christen, D.; Rebetez, M.
Elsevier B.V.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2018, 248, pp 60-69
CAB ReviewFull Text

Many staple food crops, such as banana, cassava, potato, sweet potato, sugarcane, taro, yam, are propagated vegetatively. Crop improvement using vegetative propagules has special challenges compared with breeding of seed propagated species. Genetic variability is a fundamental necessity for crop...

January 2018
bananas; biotechnology; cassava; cell culture; crops; cultivars; fruit trees; genetic improvement; in vitro culture; in vitro regeneration; induced mutations; life cycle; micropropagation; mutants; plant breeding; plant breeding methods; potatoes; reviews; seed crops; sugarcane; sweet potatoes; taro; tissue culture; trees; vegetative propagation; yams
Bado, S.; Yamba, N. G. G.; Sesay, J. V.; Laimer, M.; Forster, B. P.
News Article

A virus, a soilborne fungus and an insect pest all pose a serious threat to banana production in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Banana bunchy top...

December 2017
Alexis Rendell-Dunn
AbstractFull Text

An experiment was carried out during 2014-2015 on twenty years old "Red Delicious" apple trees (Mallus × domestica Borkh.) at the experimental farm of UUHF Bharsar, Uttarakhand, to study the effect of zinc sulphate and boric acid on fruit set, quality and yield. Treatments including 20 g of boric...

Aashiq, M. D.; Nautiyal, B. P.; Negi, M.
Crop and Weed Science Society
Journal of Crop and Weed, 2017, 13, 2, pp 217-221

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