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Covering all aspects of the breeding, genetics, cultivation, plant protection, physiology, environment and postharvest technology of temperate, tropical and subtropical vegetables.

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The single-atom iron nanozyme (SA-Fe-NZ) exhibits high catalytic activity and excellent electron transfer efficiency in biosensors. However, the binding of bioreceptors to the surface of SA-Fe-NZ results in a decrease in the catalytic activity of the nanozyme due to its toxic effects. We utilized...

Wang GuangXian; Liu Jing; Dong HaoWei; Geng LingJun; Sun JiaShuai; Liu JingJing; Dong JiWei; Guo YeMin; Sun Xia
Elsevier Ltd
Food Chemistry, 2024, 437, Part 2,
CAB ReviewFull Text

Ecological organic agriculture (EOA) is a holistic production management system that can solve many problems in the vegetable crops' value chain (VC). It is, however, unclear about the EOA technologies for the fruit vegetable VC that have already been validated or are in process of validation in...

November 2022
crop yield; crop production; systematic reviews; trends; organic farming; innovations; fruit vegetables; vegetables
Shango, A. J.; Maswi, P. B.; Malya, R. B.; Maro, J. F.; Mwaipopo, R. E.; Majubwa, R. O.; Kilewa, R. A.; Philipo, M. L.
News Article

Photosynthesis is the main pathway by which inorganic carbon is converted into sugars and therefore biomass. Crucially, carbon dioxide is fixed in a...

May 2022
Zoe Weeks

This article presents the results of studies conducted to identify and assess the risks of new variants of Dickeya and Pectobacterium spp. on various vegetables and ornamentals and to develop management strategies, including reliable diagnostic methods, to prevent introductions and further spread...

Wolf, J. van der; Bergsma-Vlami, M.; Saddler, G.; Hélias, V.; Tsror, L.; Yedida, I.; Pirhonen, M.; Degefu, Y.; Tuomisto, J.; Lojkowska, E.; Li, S.
Assessment of Dickeya and Pectobacterium spp. on vegetables and ornamentals (soft rot), 2020, pp 109 pp.
AbstractFull Text

Practical teaching plays an important role in the cultivation of talents in local application-oriented universities and was an important link in the course teaching of horticulture major. In the practice teaching process of 'vegetable cultivation', the curriculum practice teaching system was...

Chen Na; Shao Qin
Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2023, 51, 19, pp 261-263

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