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Horticultural Science

The leading database on tropical, subtropical and temperate horticultural science research

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Covering all aspects of the breeding, genetics, cultivation, plant protection, physiology, environment and postharvest technology of temperate, tropical and subtropical vegetables.

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Celery (Apium graveolens L.) is a vegetable crop in the Apiaceae family that is widely cultivated and consumed because it contains necessary nutrients and multiple biologically active ingredients, such as apigenin and terpenoids. Here, we report the genome sequence of celery based on the use of...

Li MengYao; Feng Kai; Hou XiLin; Jiang Qian; Xu ZhiSheng; Wang GuangLong; Liu JieXia; Wang Feng; Xiong AiSheng
Nature Publishing Group
Horticulture Research, 2020, 7, 9, pp (06 January 2020)
News Article

Trials in Brazil suggest seedling inoculation with the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana could be a viable commercial option for marketing...

July 2020
Alexis Rendell-Dunn
MiscellaneousFull Text

This guide will help you use the African Eggplant Vegetable Module Training Set. The set is designed to encourage group discussions. It covers land clearing and nursery preparation, ploughing and harrowing, manure application and planting, weeding and thinning, pest and disease management,...

CAB International
African eggplant vegetable trainer notes, 2018, pp 24 pp.
CAB ReviewFull Text

Information on food composition including types and contents of nutrients and anti-nutrients is important for food and nutrition research. There is satisfactory information on established nutritive elements for various food groups. However, literature on anti-nutrient component generally scattered...

August 2018
alkaloids; antinutritional factors; chemical composition; glucosinolates; nitrates; oxalates; phytates; reviews; saponins; tannins; toxic substances; leafy vegetables; vegetables
Lo, D.; Wang HsinI; Wu WanJen; Yang RayYu
AbstractFull Text

The sources and characteristics of vegetable waste were discussed in the present study. The technical features, advantages, and disadvantages of different vegetable waste resource utilization modes, including aerobic composting of vegetable waste, association between "waste-fodder-fertilizer" and...

Liu JiaHao; Yao Xin; Zhai Sheng; Sun ShuChen; Yang WeiPeng; Wei Rong; Chen JinXiu; Ding XinHui; Tian XiaoFei
Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment
Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, 2020, 37, 5, pp 636-644

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