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Horticultural Science

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Covering all aspects of the breeding, genetics, production, plant protection, physiology, environment and postharvest technology of ornamentals, including lawns and turf.

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Coral aquaculture is expanding to supply the marine ornamental trade and active coral reef restoration. A common pest of Acropora corals is the Acropora-eating flatworm Prosthiostomum acroporae, which can cause colonial mortality at high infestation densities on Acropora spp. We investigated the...

Barton, J. A.; Humphrey, C.; Bourne, D. G.; Hutson, K. S.
Inter-Research Science Center
Aquaculture Environment Interactions, 2020, 12, 61-66, pp 61-66
News Article

The Postharvest Center at the University of California, Davis is offering a digital version of its annual Postharvest Technology of...

May 2020
CAB ReviewFull Text

Agricultural activities, which basically involve the production of raw produce and subsequent value addition normally, generate substantial waste, which could be in solid, liquid or gaseous forms. In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the disposal of these wastes, which come from a myriad of sources or...

May 2020
agricultural production; agricultural wastes; crop production; crop yield; cultivation; fertilizers; fruits; manures; nutrients; organic fertilizers; ornamental plants; reviews; seedlings; soil fertility; vegetables; waste disposal
Baiyeri, P. K.; Ugese, F. D.; Obalum, S. E.; Nwobodo, C. E.

A new distribution map is provided for Impatiens necrotic spot orthotospovirus. Bunyavirales: Tospoviridae: Orthotospovirus. Hosts: many ornamental plants. Information is given on the geographical distribution in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland,...

Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases, 2018, No.October, pp map 755 (edition 3)
AbstractFull Text

The conservation of cut flower stems aims to prolong durability, maintain quality and reduce losses after harvest, providing a longer period of useful life and commercialization. Thus, the objective of this work was to evaluate the quality and durability in postharvest of fresh safflower flower...

Menegaes, J. F.; Nunes, U. R.; Bellé, R. A.; Backes, F. A. A. L.
Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná
Acta Iguazu, 2020, 9, 2, pp 67-80

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