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Understanding of genetic diversity among sorghum hybrids using morphological traits.


Sorghumis the source of staple food, for human as well as feedor livestock in arid and semiarid tropical zones of the world; now it is necessary to understand and utilizing the genetic diversity of sorghum hybrids for better crop production. In this study, crossing and selfing was done in parental lines of sorghum hybrids; such as A, B and R line system out of which 14 hybrids were finalized based on its morphological traits and statistically interpreted. Its genetic diversity is most important for exploitation of the genetic resources to develop promising hybrids. The objectives of such experimental study were to assess the best performing hybrids; on the basis of genetic diversity by applying different statistical techniques. Total 14 sorghum hybrids including standard Check, were used and data was collected on morphological traits. Cluster analysis, based on morphological traits revealed five major groups. Maximum cluster distance was observed in group I and V, while minimum cluster distance was observed in group IV and V. Highest emergence (33.7 m-2) was noticed for ICSA220XICSR90, highest leaves per plant (11.68) were reported of hybrid combination ICSA220XICSR90, maximum leaf to stem ratios (0.02) was recorded for hybrid combinations ICSA233XICSR90, high stem weight (327g) was recorded for hybrid combination ICSA216XICSR-1, maximum days to 50% flowering (77) was recorded for hybrid combination ICSA88019XICSR93012, excellentcrop stand depicted by hybrid combinationICSA220XICSR55, maximum panicle length (25.23 cm) was recorded for hybrids combinations ICSA254XICSR112, highest leaf area index (2.0) were observed for hybrid combination ICSA88019XICSR90, highest PH (230.0 cm) observed of hybrid combinations ICSA216XICSR-1, maximum total grain weight panicle-1 (32.48 g) was recorded for ICSA220XICSR90, highest Harvest index (19.9) was observed for ICSA239XICSR102, maximum leaf weight (134.7g) was estimated for ICSA220XICSR55 . These were the genotypes of cytoplasm male sterility of sorghum hybrids which were selected on the basis of phenotypic data interpret by statistical analysis. Thus in the present investigation morphological traits were able to indicate the existence of a vast genetic diversity among the sorghum hybrids used providing scope for further genetic improvement in the breeding program.

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  • Author Affiliation
  • Oil seed research program, crop sciences institute, national agriculture research centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • ISSN
  • 0251-0480
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  • Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Islamabad Pakistan
  • Record Number
  • 20220553869