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An overview of an integrated research programme conducted at the University of Washington and Washington State University, USA, which aims to increase the productivity of Populus grown for short rotations under intensive cultural regimes.

Stettler, R. F.; Heilman, P. E.; Hinckley, T. M.
Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany
Fast growing trees and nitrogen fixing trees: international conference Marburg, October 8th-12th, 1989., 1990, pp 194-200

Height and diameter growth, stem volume production, leaf phenology and leaf number, and number of branches of Populus trichocarpa, P. deltoides, and their F1 hybrids (P. trichocarpa × P. deltoides [P. interamericana]) were studied from February 1985 to February 1989 in a research plantation in W....

Ceulemans, R.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G. T.; Wiard, B. M.; Braatne, J. H.; Hinckley, T. M.; Stettler, R. F.; Isebrands, J. G.; Heilman, P. E.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 1992, 22, 12, pp 1937-1948

Growth and biomass components were studied during 4 consecutive years of short-rotation culture in western Washington, USA, for 4 poplar clones - Populus deltoides 'ILL-005', Populus trichocarpa '1-12' and their interspecific hybrids, P. trichocarpa × P. deltoides [P. interamericana] '11-11' and...

Scarascia-Mugnozza, G. E.; Ceulemans, R.; Heilman, P. E.; Isebrands, J. G.; Stettler, R. F.; Hinckley, T. M.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 1997, 27, 3, pp 285-294

A common-garden study of Populus trichocarpa was initiated in 1985 when material from 128 trees was collected along two mesic (Hoh and Nisqually) and two xeric (Dungeness and Yakima) river valleys in Washington state, NW USA. In spring 1986 cuttings were used to establish two replicate plantations, ...

Dunlap, J. M.; Stettler, R. F.
Forest Ecology and Management, 1996, 87, 1/3, pp 233-256

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