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Two tree species are described as new to science: Rinorea spongiocarpa Achound. sp. nov. (placed in Rinorea [unranked] Brachypetalae) and R. dimakoensis Achound. sp. nov. (placed in Rinorea [unranked] Ilicifolieae). Both species occur in Cameroon, south of the Sanaga river, the first from South and...

Achoundong, G.; Cheek, M.
Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Kew Bulletin, 2022, 78, 1, pp 83-93
News Article

A new study by a team of researchers at the University of Birmingham have found that trees which are subjected to elevated levels of CO2 were able to...

February 2023

Sloanea pilosa J. E. Guevara is described from material collected in the Ecuadorian Amazon and distinguished by stamen, ovary, foliage, and fruit characters. The new species is also illustrated, and its morphological similarities with other species of Sloanea L. are discussed.

Andino, J. E. G.
Missouri Botanical Garden Press
Novon, 2022, 30, 1, pp 61-68

The genus Zelkova (Ulmaceae) has occurred in Europe and Southwest Asia since the Eocene represented mostly by the fossil-species Z. zelkovifolia. Currently, relict populations of Z. abelicea, Z. sicula and Z. carpinifolia can be found in Crete, Sicily and the Euxino-Hyrcanian province,...

Jasińska, A. K.; Rucińska, B.; Kozlowski, G.; Fazan, L.; Garfì, G.; Pasta, S.; Bétrisey, S.; Gerber, E.; Safarov, H.; Hoàng Văn Sâm; Boratyńska, K.; Manchester, S. R.; Boratyński, A.
Taylor & Francis
Plant Biosystems, 2022, 156, 6, pp 1307-1313

Manual on experimental design, setup and maintenance of field trials in forest tree breeding Experimental trial sites to test provenances, progenies and clones are a key instrument in forest tree breeding. Past experiences have shown that each institute and person of responsibility treats...

Liesebach, M.; Ahrenhövel, W.; Janssen, A.; Karopka, M.; Rau, H. M.; Rose, B.; Schirmer, R.; Schneck, D.; Schneck, V.; Steiner, W.; Schüler, S.; Wolf, H.
Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (vTI)
Thünen Report, 2018, 49, pp 80 pp.
AbstractFull Text

Chaulmoogra oil is found in the seeds of Carpotroche brasiliensis (Raddi) Endl. (syn. Mayna brasiliensis Raddi), an oil tree of the Achariaceae family and native to Brazil's Atlantic Forest biome, which is considered the fifth most important biodiversity hotspot in the world. Its main constituents...

Vasconcelos, L. M. de; Bittencourt, F.; Vidal, R. O.; Silva, E. M. de A.; Costa, E. A.; Micheli, F.; Kirst, M.; Pirovani, C. P.; Gaiotto, F. A.
Forests, 2022, 13, 11,

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