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We studied 1,403 species, 102 families and 473 species of flowering plants in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Based on the data and field investigation, the plant sexual form, life form, flower characteristics, pollination type and fruit type were recorded. The pattern of plant sexual system of...

Xia FuCai; Cheng FuShan; Liu ZhiYu; Lin Lin; Wang Huan; Wang GeRong
Pleiades Publishing
Russian Journal of Ecology, 2020, 51, 4, pp 345-350

Several factors may compromise plant identifications provided by local informants, affecting the basis for incorporating local ecological knowledge (LEK) in scientific biodiversity assessments. Our study analyzes how site, informants' background, and tree characteristics affect the consistency of...

Turreira-García, N.; Brofeldt, S.; Meilby, H.; Nielsen, M. R.; Deden Girmansyah; Xuyen DoThi; Nguyen Lam; Siregar, I. Z.; Theilade, I.
Springer Science + Business Media, Inc (Springer)
Human Ecology, 2020, 48, 2, pp 173-187

Ophiostomatoid fungi, a well-known tree-associated group, include some of the most important forest pathogens globally. Several ophiostomatoid species were reported already from Rapanea melanophloeos of the Afromontane forests from the Cape Floristic Region (CFR) of South Africa. The aim of this...

Musvuugwa, T.; Beer, Z. W. de; Dreyer, L. L.; Duong, T.; Marincowitz, S.; Oberlander, K. C.; Roets, F.
Springer Berlin
Mycological Progress, 2020, 19, 1, pp 81-95
News Article

The South Pole evokes a mental image of extreme cold and icy conditions, but it hasn’t always been this way. A team of researchers led by...

April 2020
James Cullum

Manual on experimental design, setup and maintenance of field trials in forest tree breeding Experimental trial sites to test provenances, progenies and clones are a key instrument in forest tree breeding. Past experiences have shown that each institute and person of responsibility treats...

Liesebach, M.; Ahrenhövel, W.; Janssen, A.; Karopka, M.; Rau, H. M.; Rose, B.; Schirmer, R.; Schneck, D.; Schneck, V.; Steiner, W.; Schüler, S.; Wolf, H.
Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (vTI)
Thünen Report, 2018, 49, pp 80 pp.
AbstractFull Text

The plant variety protection system (PVP), which started in 1968 to protect the rights of breeders, was first launched in Korea in 1998 with 27 species, including rice and barley. In 2008, the forest sector started the PVP system, which was later than the agricultural sector, and included 15...

Jang YongSeok; Kwon YongRak; Kim TaeHoon
The Korean Society of Breeding Science
Korean Journal of Breeding Science, 2020, 52, Special Issue, pp 31-39

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