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'JM 2' is a semidwarfing and 'JM 5' is an extremely dwarfing apple rootstock released in 1997 by the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science (NIFTS), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 'JM 2' and 'JM 5' originated from a controlled cross of Malus prunifolia 'Seishi' × 'M.9' made...

Soejima, J.; Yoshida, Y.; Haniuda, T.; Bessho, H.; Tsuchiya, S.; Masuda, T.; Komori, S.; Sanada, T.; Ito, Y.; Sadamori, S.; Kashimura, Y.; Abe, K.; Kotoda, N.
NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science, Tsukuba, Japan
Bulletin of the NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science, 2013, No.16, pp 19-36
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Phytophthora cambivora (Petri) Buisman is a widespread soil born oomycete causing root rot on several woody species. Together with P. cinnamomi, it is considered the most pathogenic species associated with chestnut ink disease all over Europe. Currently, no efficient control strategies are...

Zambounis, A.; Xanthopoulou, A.; Madesis, P.; Tsaftaris, A.; Vannini, A.; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Chilosi, G.; Vettraino, A. M.
Edizioni ETS, Pisa, Italy
Journal of Plant Pathology, 2016, 98, 3, pp 611-616

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