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Environmental Impact

From climate change to biodiversity loss - documenting human impacts on the environment

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Despite decades of effort, viable algal biofuels remain a distant vision. High-lipid microalgae for biodiesel is plagued by low productivity, poor biomass quality, and pond instability, so conversion of non-specific algal biomass into other fuels is now the favored approach. Nevertheless, with low...

Calahan, D.; Blersch, D.; Adey, W.
Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK
Ecological Engineering, 2015, 85, pp 275-282
News Article

Algae offer solution to simultaneously treat wastewater and produce biofuel in India

2 May 2019

As human populations have expanded, Earth's atmosphere and natural waters have become dumps for agricultural and industrial wastes. Remediation methods of the last half century have been largely unsuccessful. In many US watersheds, surface waters are eutrophic, and coastal water bodies, such as the ...

Adey, W. H.; Kangas, P. C.; Mulbry, W.
American Institute of Biological Sciences, Washington, USA
BioScience, 2011, 61, 6, pp 434-441

Algal turf scrubbing is a novel technology for the treatment of agricultural runoff and eutrophic lake water and may have application for waste water treatment. The algal turf scrubber (ATS)tm consists of a natural, mixed assemblage of attached periphyton, microalgae and bacteria which colonise an...

Craggs, R. J.; Adey, W. H.; Jenson, K. R.; St. John, M. S.; Green, F. B.; Oswald, W. J.
Water Science and Technology, 1996, 33, 7, pp 191-198

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