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Crop Protection Compendium

The world's most comprehensive site for information on crop pests

PRA Tool for plant commodity and pest-initiated Pest Risk Analysis. Available as an addition to the CPC.

Horizon Scanning Tool for prioritizing invasive species threats.

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At CABI we’re focused on providing the best user experience we can, helping you find answers to your questions quickly, easily and accurately.

For help on using CPC and its various features, we have produced a number of training resources which can be found below. As well as these handy materials we also conduct live online training webinars to demonstrate common tasks and introduce the various site features available. To see these and other support materials, please visit our training page.

Our training team also provide an on-site training service. These live product demonstrations help teach multiple staff members the various features of the database and other subscription products at your location. Please contact your CABI sales representative or email our training team for further information.

Quick help guide


There are a number of ways to perform a search across the site. You can search using the main search box that appears on every page.

You simply describe the subject of your search as you would in any popular search engine. You can also perform more complex searches here using Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) N.B. always place the Boolean logic in uppercase / capital letters).

Use quotes to search for an exact set of words such as "biological control".

You can also use bracketing so that certain parts of your search are performed together e.g. postharvest AND (pests OR diseases)

Searches can also be filtered to certain content types by clicking on the "filter by type" box and choosing from the reference materials available.

Content Pages

Near the top of the page (below the CABI logo) there is the content page menu.

When you go to a particular content page (e.g. datasheets) any search is automatically limited to that particular content type. To search within other content types from these areas click the "filter by type" box and select the appropriate materials you wish to search. If all boxes are deselected then a complete site search is performed.

On the search results page filter your search further by adding additional terms from the right hand column.

Smart Searches

We have also launched the Smart Search feature. You will find this on the large tab above the search box.

These are searches on key topics created by our experts to save you time. We will create new Smart Searches if you request them and these will be made available to all users from this tab. 


This personalisation feature will provide you with your own workspace within CPC to:

  • save both individual and numerous records
  • export your saved records 
  • save your searches
  • subscribe to saved searches via RSS and e-mail alerts so that you are made aware of the latest content
  • use the PRA Tool (this is an add-on subscription)


Reference materials

 CPC user guide

CPC userguide

This comprehensive user guide explains how to perform common tasks such as site searches, refining results and advanced field searching as well as unique features included in MyCPC. It also provides useful reference lists for when performing more advanced tasks such as field tags and subject codes.

PDF image

Datasheet Controlled vocabulary

This document lists the controlled vocabulary used when interrogating datasheets in the advanced datasheet search page. Users must refer to this guide and use the correct vocabularly as indicated to help produce accurate lists for specific areas.

Training videos

CPC training video

Introduction and simple searching
This series of videos will provide an overview about navigation around the site, simple searching and how to use datasheets.

Advanced searching videos

Advanced searching
This series of videos will show you how to perform accurate database searches using field searching and limiters from the advanced searching page.

CPC training video

This series of videos video will introduce the personalised workspace MyCPC demonstrating how to build complex searches, how to save and export records and creating alerts for new content added to the database

Training resources

Presentations for teaching, self-teaching and reference

CPC Training manuals

1. Introduction, simple searches and datasheets

2. Creating lists of species and Advanced Datasheet Search 

3. The bibliographic database 

Horizon Scanning Tool

Introduction to the Horizon Scanning Tool (video)

Tips for using CSV files in Excel / Conseils sur l'utilisation des fichiers de téléchargement CSV dans Excel

PRA Tool

Introduction to the PRA Tool (video, 13 mins)

Getting started: PRA Tool user guide 

Pathway-initiated PRA guide and video (38 mins)

Pest-initiated PRA guide and video (17 mins)

Pest-initiated PRA illustration: Risk of introduction of red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) to Ghana

Risk Assessment and Management Options available in PRA tool / Formulaire de ARP questions l’évaluation du risque et d’options de gestions

PRA Tool login guides

Voucher System step-by-step guide and video Guide pour l'utilisation étape par étape du Système de Coupon

Username and password step-by-step guide and video / Guide pour l'utilisation étape par étape « Nom d’utilisateur et mot de passe »

IP Recognition step-by-step guide and video


For additional PRA training materials, please visit the PRA Tool Help page