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Affected fruit is small, malformed and unsaleable.

Cover for Pantoea stewartii (bacterial wilt of maize)

Economic losses in maize due to P. stewartii have been inconsequential in North America for the past 50 years except for a few, small sporadic...

Cover for Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Panama disease of banana)

F. oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Foc) is considered invasive because it can be distributed from location to location and from country to country with...


Austropuccinia psidii is a rust fungus with a wide and expanding host range within the Myrtaceae, with over 440 host species currently known...

Cover for Thaumastocoris peregrinus (bronze bug)

T. peregrinus is a serious sap-sucking insect pest infesting non-native Eucalyptus plantations in Southern Africa, South America and Europe. Severe...

Cover for Brosimum alicastrum (breadnut)

The tree can grow to 20–45 m and has a pyramid-shaped crown, hanging branches and dense foliage. The straight, cylindrical trunk is up to 1–1.5 m in...

Cover for Barringtonia edulis

All three species are small- to medium-sized rainforest trees (8–20 m). The crowns are not dense. B. edulis has shiny, green leaves that are simple...

Cover for Pachyrhizus erosus (yam bean)

Perennial, herbaceous, strigose to hirsute, climbing or trailing vine, 2–6 m long. Roots tuberous, in cultivation one turnip-shaped tuber per plant,...

Cover for Thrips palmi (melon thrips)

Walker (1992, 1994) has reviewed the pest status of T. palmi; much of the information given here is from these reviews, together with later...

Cover for Vigna angularis (adzuki bean)

Annual herb, usually bushy and erect, 25–90 cm tall, sometimes slightly vining or prostrate. Roots with many nodules. Leaves trifoliolate; leaflets...

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