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Biological control, integrated pest management and conceptual models.


The term "biological control" means different things to different people. The lack of a common definition and conceptual model is hindering the discussion and implementation of biological control techniques. The existence of conflicting definitions also has the potential for causing a regulatory nightmare. This review traces the development of definitions for biological control by entomologists and plant pathologists, discusses how biological control fits with other pest management approaches in integrated pest management, and presents conceptual models for biological control and IPM. The goal is to assist in the development of shared conceptual models, the implementation of effective and environmentally compatible pest management strategies, and the establishment of appropriate regulatory policies.

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  • USDA, ARS, Subtropical Agricultural Research Laboratory, Biological Control of Pests Research Unit, 2413 East Highway 83, Weslaco, Texas 78596, USA.
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  • 0143-1404
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