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Climate change and non-infectious fish disorders.

Book cover for Climate change and non-infectious fish disorders.


The current volume, entitled Climate Change and Non-infectious Fish Disorders (CCNFD) is the first of the two-volume set, and it focuses on the development, physiology and health of fish. CCNFD has 11 chapters organized into two parts. Chapters 1 and 2 (Part I) are mainly for aquatic biologists including colleagues who study non-infectious fish disorders and infectious fish diseases. These two cha...


Chapter 6 (Page no: 102)

Nutritional and metabolic disorders.

The present chapter presents studies on how climate change, in farming conditions, may affect nutrition and metabolism and related production disorders in fishes. Examples focused on salmonids, as a major farmed species, in both freshwater and marine environments.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 1) An overview with discussions on freshwater and marine ecosystems in North America. Author(s): Strychar, K. B. Sammarco, P. W.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 25) Tropical marine and brackish ecosystems. Author(s): Tanzil, J. T. I. Ooi SengKeat Tay, S. H. X. Ow YanXiang Chua SiewChin Clews, E. Bolton, A. Raghavan, S. Liong ShieYui
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 54) Skeletal abnormalities. Author(s): Boglione, C.
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 80) Neoplasms. Author(s): Nyaoke, A. C.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 87) Feeding and its regulation. Author(s): Volkoff, H.
Chapter: 7 (Page no: 125) Behaviour including fish migration. Author(s): Lennox, R. J. Brownscombe, J. W. Elvidge, C. K. Harrison, P. Peiman, K. Raby, G. D. Cooke, S. J.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 136) Stress in response to environmental changes. Author(s): Faught, E. Hernandez-Perez, J. Wilson, J. M. Vijayan, M. M.
Chapter: 9 (Page no: 163) Ionic regulation. Author(s): Wilson, J. M. Guerreiro, P. M.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 190) Excess dissolved gases including gas bubble disease. Author(s): Fivelstad, S. Bergheim, A. Waagbø, R. Olsen, A. B. Colt, J.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 218) The immune system: effects of water temperature and acidification. Author(s): Muiswinkel, W. B. van