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The genetics of the pig.

Book cover for The genetics of the pig.


The second edition of this book contains chapters that discuss modern pig genetics, including taxonomy and evolution, domestication, coat colour variation, morphological traits and hereditary diseases, immunogenetics, cytogenetics, genomics, behaviour genetics, reproduction, transgenics, developmental genetics, pig genetic resources, performance traits, carcass and meat quality genetics, genetic i...


Chapter 9 (Page no: 200)

Behaviour genetics of the domestic pig.

The genetic aspects of feeding, drinking, sexual, maternal and aggressive behaviours; emotions and responses to stress and the relationship of behavioural genetics to the welfare of pigs are discussed.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 1) Systematics and evolution of the pig. Author(s): Ruvinsky, A. Rothschild, M. F. Larson, G. Gongora, J.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 14) Genetic aspects of pig domestication. Author(s): Larson, G. Cucchi, T. Dobney, K.
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 38) Molecular genetics of coat colour variation. Author(s): Andersson, L. Plastow, G.
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 51) Genetics of morphological traits and inherited disorders. Author(s): Nicholas, F. W.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 73) Molecular genetics. Author(s): Moran, C.
Chapter: 6 (Page no: 101) Immunogenetics. Author(s): Lunney, J. K. Eguchi-Ogawa, T. Uenishi, H. Wertz, N. Butler, J. E.
Chapter: 7 (Page no: 134) Cytogenetics and chromosome maps. Author(s): Raudsepp, T. Chowdhary, B. P.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 179) Pig genomics. Author(s): Groenen, M. A. M. Schook, L. B. Archibald, A. L.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 218) Biology and genetics of reproduction. Author(s): Bidanel, J. P.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 242) Transgenics and modern reproductive technologies. Author(s): Ross, J. W. Prather, R. S.
Chapter: 12 (Page no: 263) Developmental genetics. Author(s): Dyck, M. Ruvinsky, A.
Chapter: 13 (Page no: 306) Pig genetic resources. Author(s): Ollivier, L. Foulley, J. L.
Chapter: 14 (Page no: 325) Genetics of performance traits. Author(s): Clutter, A. C.
Chapter: 15 (Page no: 355) Genetics of meat quality and carcass traits. Author(s): Ciobanu, D. C. Lonergan, S. M. Huff-Lonergan, E. J.
Chapter: 16 (Page no: 390) Genetic improvement of the pig. Author(s): Dekkers, J. C. M. Mathur, P. K. Knol, E. F.
Chapter: 17 (Page no: 426) Pigs as a model for biomedical sciences. Author(s): Kuzmuk, K. N. Schook, L. B.
Chapter: 18 (Page no: 445) Breeds of pigs. Author(s): Buchanan, D. S. Stalder, K.
Chapter: 19 (Page no: 473) Standard genetic nomenclature of the pig, with glossaries. Author(s): Hu, Z. L. Park, C. A. Reecy, J. M.

Chapter details

  • Author Affiliation
  • 2356 Kildee Hall, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, USA.
  • Year of Publication
  • 2011
  • ISBN
  • 9781845937560
  • Record Number
  • 20113037223