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Hemp diseases and pests: management and biological control - an advanced treatise.

Book cover for Hemp diseases and pests: management and biological control - an advanced treatise.


This unique book combines a review of the hemp (Cannabis) pest and disease literature published over the past 50 years with up-to-date information on modern biological control techniques. Each pest and disease organism is presented in the same format, covering economic impact, geographical and host-plant range, plant symptoms, taxonomic description, life history, and differential diagnosis. Import...


Chapter 5 (Page no: 93)

Fungal diseases.

This chapter deals with fungal diseases (including their symptoms, cycle, epidemiology and control using biological, chemical and mechanical methods) of hemp (Cannabis) and the taxonomy and morphology of causal organisms. These diseases include grey mould, damping off, yellow leaf spot, Rhizoctonia sore shin and root rot, brown leaf spot and stem canker, downy mildew, Fusarium stem canker and wilt, powdery mildew, charcoal rot, olive leaf spot, Stemphylium leaf and stem spot, Cladosporium stem canker, anthracnose, Verticillium wilt, Ophiobolus stem canker, Chaetomium disease, Phomopsis stem canker and Curvularia blight. Phylloplane fungi (epiphytes and endophytes) and mycorrhizas (ectomycorrhizas and endomycorrhizas) are also covered.

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