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Digestive physiology of pigs. Proceedings of the 8th Symposium, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, 20-22 June 2000.

Book cover for Digestive physiology of pigs. Proceedings of the 8th Symposium, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, 20-22 June 2000.



Chapter 65 (Page no: 233)

Influence of dietary Lupinus luteus, Vicia sativa and Lathyrus cicera on immune response and pancreatic digestive enzymes of early-weaned pigs.

This chapter has no summary.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 3) Transitions in the life of the gut at birth. Author(s): Sangild, P. T.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 17) Effects of dietary fermentable carbohydrates on the empty weights of the gastrointestinal tract in growing pigs. Author(s): Rijnen, M. M. J. A. Dekker, R. A. Bakker, G. C. M. Verstegen, M. W. A. Schrama, J. W.
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 20) Are the activities of intestinal peptidases age- and diet-dependent in piglets? Author(s): Huërou-Luron, I. le Peiniau, J. Guilloteau, P. Aumaître, A.
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 23) Glucagon-like peptide 2 stimulates small-intestine growth and maturation in the pig fetus and neonate. Author(s): Petersen, Y. M. Burrin, D. G. Schmidt, M. Elnif, J. Hartmann, B. Holst, J. J. Sangild, P. T.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 25) Induced functional maturation of the gut mucosa due to red kidney bean lectin in suckling pigs. Author(s): Rǻdberg, K. Biernat, M. Linderoth, A. Zabielski, R. Pierzynowski, S. G. Weström, B. R.
Chapter: 6 (Page no: 28) The activity of lipolytic enzymes is low around weaning - measurements in pancreatic tissue and small intestinal contents. Author(s): Hedemann, M. S. Jensen, S. K.
Chapter: 7 (Page no: 31) Sphingomyelinase activity in gastrointestinal content and mucosa from pigs of different ages. Author(s): Lundh, T. Nyberg, L. Lindberg, J. E.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 34) Weaning of supernumerary piglets at 7 days of age: effects on digestive function - preliminary results. Author(s): Marion, J. Huërou-Luron, I. le Thomas, F. Romé, V. Dividich, J. le
Chapter: 9 (Page no: 37) Intestinal nutrient absorption in newborn pigs in response to enteral nutrition or treatment with glucagon-like peptide 2. Author(s): Elnif, J. Buddington, R. K. Petersen, Y. M. Hartmann, B. Holst, J. J. Schmidt, M. Burrin, D. G. Sangild, P. T.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 40) Glucagon-like peptide 2 stimulates intestinal growth by decreasing proteolysis and apoptosis in parenterally fed premature piglets. Author(s): Burrin, D. G. Stoll, B. Jiang, R. Petersen, Y. Elnif, J. Buddington, R. K. Schmidt, M. Holst, J. J. Hartmann, B. Sangild, P. T.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 43) Effect of formula vs. sow's milk feeding on the gut morphology in neonatal piglets. Author(s): Biernat, M. Zabielski, R. Yao, G. Marion, J. Huërou-Luron, I. le Dividich, J. le
Chapter: 12 (Page no: 46) Effect of kidney bean lectin on gut morphology: a way to accelerate mucosa development. Author(s): Biernat, M. Gacsalyi, U. Rǻdberg, K. Zabielski, R. Weström, B. Pierzynowski, S. G.
Chapter: 13 (Page no: 49) Topography of digestive enzymes in the pig small intestine at the early stages of ontogeny in the norm and pathology. Author(s): Egorova, V. V. Egorova, G. G. Lasarenko, L. V. Timofeeva, N. M. Shcherbakov, G. G.
Chapter: 14 (Page no: 51) The message underlying pig pancreas regeneration after partial pancreatectomy. Author(s): Morisset, J. Morisset, S. Lauzon, K. Côté, S. Lainé, J. Bourassa, J. Lessard, M. Échavé, V.
Chapter: 15 (Page no: 54) The effect of weaning diet on the intestinal morphology of young piglets. Author(s): Lawlor, P. G. Flood, C. Fitzpatrick, E. Lynch, P. B. Caffrey, P. J. Brophy, P. O.
Chapter: 16 (Page no: 59) Development and function of the pig gastrointestinal immune system. Author(s): Stokes, C. R. Bailey, M. Haverson, K.
Chapter: 17 (Page no: 66) Effects of nucleotides on the immune function of early-weaned piglets. Author(s): Cameron, B. F. Wong, C. W. Hinch, G. N. Singh, D. Nolan, J. V. Colditz, I. G.
Chapter: 18 (Page no: 69) Effect of antisecretory factor-derived peptides on induced secretion in the porcine small intestine in vivo and in vitro. Author(s): Grøndahl, M. L. Sørensen, H. Unmack, M. A. Holm, A. Skadhauge, E.
Chapter: 19 (Page no: 75) Nutrient requirements for intestinal growth and metabolism in the developing pig. Author(s): Burrin, D. G. Stoll, B. Goudoever, J. B. van Reeds, P. J.
Chapter: 20 (Page no: 89) Intestinal metabolism of methionine significantly affects requirement and proportion spared by cysteine. Author(s): Shoveller, A. K. Brunton, J. A. Bertolo, R. F. P. Pencharz, P. B. Ball, R. O.
Chapter: 21 (Page no: 92) Effect of fermentable components in the diet on the portal flux of glucose and volatile fatty acids in growing pigs. Author(s): Jansman, A. J. M. Bongers, L. J. G. M. Leeuwen, P. van
Chapter: 22 (Page no: 95) Arginine and proline synthesis occurs primarily on first-pass metabolism by the small intestine in piglets. Author(s): Bertolo, R. F. P. Brunton, J. A. Pencharz, P. B. Ball, R. O.
Chapter: 23 (Page no: 98) Effect of diet composition on organ size and energy expenditure in growing pigs. Author(s): Yen, J. T. Nyachoti, C. M. Lange, C. F. M. de Nienaber, J. A. Brown-Brandl, T. M.
Chapter: 24 (Page no: 101) α-Ketoglutaric acid reduces nitrogen losses in rats fed nitrogen-free diet. Author(s): Piva, A. Morlacchini, M. Prandini, A. Jungvid, H. Piva, G.
Chapter: 25 (Page no: 104) Dietary supplementation of synthetic L-threonine differentially affects the gastrointestinal tract and whole-body growth in early-weaned piglets fed maize and soybean meal-based diets. Author(s): Lackeyram, D. Fan, M. Z. Archbold, T. Rideout, T. Gao, Y. Dewey, C. Smith, T. Burrin, D. G. Chang, X. Gibbins, A. M. Squires, E. J. Yue, X.
Chapter: 26 (Page no: 109) Intestinal degradation of dietary carbohydrates - from birth to maturity. Author(s): Bach Knudsen, K. E. Jørgensen, H.
Chapter: 27 (Page no: 121) Dietary oligosaccharide supplements: effects on digestion in pigs. Author(s): Schrijver, R. de
Chapter: 28 (Page no: 124) Endogenous N contribution to digesta of the small intestine of growing pigs fed semi-synthetic and cereal-based diets causing various digesta viscosities. Author(s): Bartelt, J. Buraczewska, L. Swiech, E. Wiese, F. Jadamus, A. Simon, O.
Chapter: 29 (Page no: 127) Isolated pectins vary in their functional properties in the gut of piglets. Author(s): Lærke, H. N. Hellwing, A. L. F. Bach Knudsen, K. E. Strarup, A. Rolin, C.
Chapter: 30 (Page no: 130) Factors of buffering of large intestine digesta in the pig. Author(s): Drochner, W. Zeit, S. Burdiek, H. Heitzmann, W. Zelter, J.
Chapter: 31 (Page no: 133) Consequences of ileal endogenous losses on body protein retention and feedstuff evaluation. Author(s): Hess, V. Sève, B.
Chapter: 32 (Page no: 136) Ileal flow of endogenous amino acids in relation to energy source: consequences on the evaluation of ileal digestibility of protein in growing pigs. Author(s): Février, C. Jaguelin-Peyraud, Y. Mézières, N. Lebreton, Y. Legouevec, F.
Chapter: 33 (Page no: 139) Dietary fibre: effect on gastric emptying in pregnant sows. Author(s): Miquel, N. Bach Knudsen, K. E. Jørgensen, H.
Chapter: 34 (Page no: 142) Effect of converting lysine in barley and canola meal into homoarginine on nutrient composition and ileal amino acid digestibilities in growing pigs. Author(s): McNeilage, E. M. Nyachoti, C. M. Lange, C. F. M. de Gabert, V. M. Schulze, H.
Chapter: 35 (Page no: 145) Effect of enzyme supplementation of different quality hulless barley on apparent (ileal and overall) digestibility of nutrients in young pigs. Author(s): Yin, Y. L. Baidoo, S. K. Liu, K. Y. G. Schulze, H. Simmins, P. H.
Chapter: 36 (Page no: 148) Relationships between nutrient digestibility, β-glucan content and ileal digesta viscosity in pigs fed different Australian barley cultivars. Author(s): Barneveld, R. J. van Pluske, J. R.
Chapter: 37 (Page no: 151) In vitro release of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) from selected fat sources with selected exogenous lipolytic enzymes in pig gastric simulated conditions. Author(s): Dierick, N. Decuypere, J.
Chapter: 38 (Page no: 154) Ileal digestibility determination of different diets by two fistulation techniques (T-cannula vs. steered ileocaecal valve cannula) and two markers (chromic oxide vs. titanium oxide). Author(s): Fernández, J. A. Jørgensen, H. Mroz, S. Jongbloed, A. W.
Chapter: 39 (Page no: 157) Soluble saccharides, volatile fatty acids and lactic acid in stomach and ileum of pigs fed wheat bran-based diets with and without enzyme treatment. Author(s): Meulen, J. van der Inborr, J. Bakker, J. G. M.
Chapter: 40 (Page no: 160) Is the rat a reliable model for the growing pig for estimating standardized digestibility of protein and amino acids? Author(s): Balle, K. M. Boisen, S. Larsen, T.
Chapter: 41 (Page no: 163) Faecal and ileal digestibility of casein- and soybean-based diets in growing pigs. Author(s): Martins, J. M. Abreu, M. C. Bento, O. Salgado, P. Freire, J. B.
Chapter: 42 (Page no: 166) The effect of different levels of fat inclusion and cereal type on digestibility parameters for growing pigs. Author(s): Lewis, F. J. McEvoy, J. Smith, S. Henry, R. W. McCracken, K. J.
Chapter: 43 (Page no: 169) Effects of dietary xylanase inclusion and level of steam conditioning on ileal and overall digestibility parameters in the growing pig. Author(s): Lewis, F. J. McEvoy, J. Schulze, H. McCracken, K. J.
Chapter: 44 (Page no: 172) The effect of variety and location of production on the nutritive value of barley fed to growing pigs. Author(s): McCann, M. E. E. Fablet, S. McCracken, K. J. McEvoy, J. Urquhart, R.
Chapter: 45 (Page no: 175) Dietary fat supplementation affects apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids and digesta passage rate of rapeseed meal-based diet. Author(s): Valaja, J. Siljander-Rasi, H.
Chapter: 46 (Page no: 178) The role of the exocrine pancreas in pig performance and amino acid absorption. Author(s): Botermans, J. A. M. Kuria, M. Svendsen, J. Lundh, T. Pierzynowski, S. G.
Chapter: 47 (Page no: 181) Ileal and faecal digestibility of nutrients in piglets fed non-supplemented and enzyme-supplemented barley diets. Author(s): Pujol, S. Torrallardona, D.
Chapter: 48 (Page no: 184) Apparent ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids in wheat supplemented with enzymes for growing pigs. Author(s): Torrallardona, D. Nielsen, J. E. Brufau, J.
Chapter: 49 (Page no: 187) Apparent ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids and digestible energy in barley supplemented with enzymes for growing pigs. Author(s): Torrallardona, D. Nielsen, J. E. Brufau, J.
Chapter: 50 (Page no: 189) Effects of heat treatment or pelleting on the nutritional value of a cereal-based diet for piglets. Author(s): Skiba, F. Callu, P. Guillou, D.
Chapter: 51 (Page no: 192) Effects of adding potassium diformate and phytase excess for weaned piglets. Author(s): Février, C. Gotterbarm, G. Jaguelin-Peyraud, Y. Lebreton, Y. Legouevec, F. Aumaître, A.
Chapter: 52 (Page no: 195) Measuring ileal basal endogenous losses and digestive utilization of amino acids through ileorectal anastomosis in pigs: ring test between three laboratories. Author(s): Sève, B. Tran, G. Jondreville, C. Skiba, F. Cauwenberghe, S. van Bodin, J. C. Langer, S.
Chapter: 53 (Page no: 198) The ileal digestion of semipurified diets containing increasing levels of casein and the use of the regression method to estimate the endogenous flow of amino acids at the distal ileum of growing pigs. Author(s): Jørgensen, H. Gabert, V. M.
Chapter: 54 (Page no: 201) The ileal and faecal digestion of monosaccharides in 12 different pea samples determined in growing pigs. Author(s): Gabert, V. M. Lien, K. A. Fan, M. Z. Sauer, W. C.
Chapter: 55 (Page no: 204) Additivity of ileal endogenous losses and real digestibilities of amino acids determined by means of the 15N-labelled diets technique in growing pigs fed various feedstuffs. Author(s): Dehareng, D. Leterme, P. Peyronnet, C. Cherrière, K. Hess, V. Thibault, J. N. Krawinkel, B. Souffrant, W. B. Théwis, A. Sève, B.
Chapter: 56 (Page no: 207) The effect of encapsulated acidifiers on antroduodenal myoelectrical activity in pigs. Author(s): Gacsalyi, U. Korczyński, W. Pierzynowski, S. G. Zabielski, R.
Chapter: 57 (Page no: 209) The influence of intraduodenally infused fats on exocrine pancreatic secretions and on plasma levels of peptide YY and cholecystokinin in growing pigs. Author(s): Jakob, S. Mosenthin, R. Zabielski, R. Laubitz, D. Rippe, C. Winzell, M. S. Pierzynowski, S. G.
Chapter: 58 (Page no: 212) Secretion of nitrogen compounds in the small intestine of pigs fed diets with different protein levels. Author(s): Buraczewska, L. Buraczewski, S. Wasilewko, J.
Chapter: 59 (Page no: 215) Effect of intraduodenal infusion of lactic and formic acid on pancreatic juice secretion and antroduodenal myoelectrical activity in piglets after weaning. Author(s): Lesniewska, V. Lærke, H. N. Hedemann, M. S. Jensen, B. B.
Chapter: 60 (Page no: 218) Influence of luminal pancreatic juice and bile on the secretion of pancreatic juice and bile in weaned pigs. Author(s): Zabielski, R. Piedra, J. L. V. Gacsalyi, U. Laubitz, D. Jakob, S. Rzasa, A. Gregory, P. C. Pierzynowski, S. G.
Chapter: 61 (Page no: 221) Effects of stress on exocrine pancreatic secretion. Author(s): Georgsson, L. Pierzynowski, S. G. Svendsen, J.
Chapter: 62 (Page no: 224) An increased hindgut fermentation promoted major changes on the VFA profile but not on the total VFA concentration or the digesta contents. Author(s): Pérez, J. F. Morales, J. Baucells, M. D. Gasa, J.
Chapter: 63 (Page no: 227) Comparative digestibility and productive performances between Landrace and Iberian pigs fed on a maize- or a sorghum-acorn-based diet. Author(s): Morales, J. Pérez, J. F. Baucells, M. D. Gasa, A. Gasa, J.
Chapter: 64 (Page no: 230) The influence of dietary protein level on the amino acid composition of ileal endogenous protein losses in pigs. Author(s): Pedersen, C. Boisen, S. Fernandez, J. A.
Chapter: 66 (Page no: 236) Influence of NSP-degrading enzymes on plasma urea nitrogen level, gastrointestinal tract pH, xylanase activity, viscosity and nutrient digestibility in weaned pigs. Author(s): Yin, Y. L. Baidoo, S. K. Schulze, H. Simmins, P. H.
Chapter: 67 (Page no: 239) Ileal fatty acid digestibility of different oilseeds. Author(s): Warnants, N. Oeckel, M. J. van Paepe, M. de D'heer, B. Boucqué, C. V.
Chapter: 68 (Page no: 242) The availability of the B-vitamins thiamin and vitamin B6 from different feed sources for pigs. Author(s): Roth-Maier, D. A.
Chapter: 69 (Page no: 247) Dietary manipulation of enteric disease. Author(s): Hampson, D. J. Pluske, J. R. Pethick, D. W.
Chapter: 70 (Page no: 261) Protective effect of processed soybean during perfusion of ETEC-infected small intestinal segments of early-weaned piglets. Author(s): Kiers, J. L. Nout, M. J. R. Rombouts, F. M. Nabuurs, M. J. A. Meulen, J. van der
Chapter: 71 (Page no: 264) The dose-response effect of fermented liquid wheat on growth performance and gastrointestinal health of weaned piglets. Author(s): Scholten, R. H. J. Schrama, J. W. Peet-Schwering, C. M. C. van der Hartog, L. A. den Vesseur, P. C. Leeuwen, P. van Verstegen, M. W. A.
Chapter: 72 (Page no: 266) Influence of liquid feed, fermented liquid feed, dry feed and sow's milk fed ad libitum, on the 'Ecophysiology' of the terminal ileum, caecum and colon of the postweaned piglet. Author(s): Moran, C. A. Ward, G. Beal, J. D. Campbell, A. Brooks, P. H. Miller, B. G.
Chapter: 73 (Page no: 269) Effects of oligosaccharides in weanling pig diets on performance, microflora and intestinal health. Author(s): Gebbink, G. A. R. K. Sutton, A. L. Williams, B. A. Patterson, J. A. Richert, B. T. Kelly, D. T. Verstegen, M. W. A.
Chapter: 74 (Page no: 272) A porcine intestinal organ culture model to study the adhesion of Salmonella and E. coli in vitro. Author(s): Naughton, P. J. Jensen, B. B.
Chapter: 75 (Page no: 274) Effects of Virginiamycin on histology of the small intestinal mucosa in piglets. Author(s): Leeuwen, P. van Jansman, A. J. M. Esteve-Garcia, E. Dijk, J. E. van
Chapter: 76 (Page no: 277) Net absorption of fluid in uninfected and ETEC-infected piglet small intestine: effect of osmolality. Author(s): Kiers, J. L. Nout, M. R. J. Rombouts, F. M. Nabuurs, M. J. A. Meulen, J. van der
Chapter: 77 (Page no: 280) Soluble non-starch polysaccharides from pearl barley exacerbate experimental postweaning colibacillosis. Author(s): McDonald, D. E. Pethick, D. W. Mullan, B. P. Pluske, J. R. Hampson, D. J.
Chapter: 78 (Page no: 283) The correlation between coliform populations collected from different sites of the intestinal tract of pigs. Author(s): Zoric, M. Arvidsson, A. Melin, L. Kühn, I. Lindberg, J. E. Wallgren, P.
Chapter: 79 (Page no: 285) Bifidobacteria in piglets. Author(s): Mikkelsen, L. L. Jensen, B. B.
Chapter: 80 (Page no: 288) Effect of FormiTM-LHS on digesta and faecal microbiota, and on stomach alterations of piglets. Author(s): Canibe, N. Steien, S. H. Øverland, M. Jensen, B. B.
Chapter: 81 (Page no: 291) The effect of fermentation and/or sanitization of liquid diets on the feeding preferences of newly weaned pigs. Author(s): Demeckova, V. Moran, C. A. Caveney, C. Campbell, A. C. Kuri, V. Brooks, P. H.
Chapter: 82 (Page no: 294) Influence of zinc oxide on faecal coliforms of piglets at weaning. Author(s): Melin, L. Katouli, M. Jensen-Waern, M. Wallgren, P.
Chapter: 83 (Page no: 296) Comparison between the ileocaecal and rectal microflora in pigs. Author(s): Högberg, A. Melin, L. Mattsson, S. Lindberg, J. E. Wallgren, P.
Chapter: 84 (Page no: 299) Inulin incorporation in the weaned pig diet: intestinal coliform interaction and effect on specific systemic immunity. Author(s): Rossi, F. Cox, E. Goddeeris, B. Portetelle, D. Wavreille, J. Théwis, A.
Chapter: 85 (Page no: 302) In vitro methodology to evaluate the effect of various organic acids on the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs. Author(s): Knarreborg, A. Miquel, N. Granli, T. Jensen, B. B.
Chapter: 86 (Page no: 305) Postprandial flow rates of formic acid and potassium in duodenal digesta of weaned piglets fed graded doses of potassium diformate. Author(s): Mroz, Z. Jongbloed, A. W. Weij-Jongbloed, R. van der Øverland, M.
Chapter: 87 (Page no: 308) Effect of sodium chlorate on Salmonella sv. Typhimurium concentrations in the pig gut. Author(s): Anderson, R. C. Buckley, S. A. Callaway, T. R. Genovese, K. J. Kubena, L. F. Harvey, R. B. Nisbet, D. J.
Chapter: 88 (Page no: 311) Reduced Campylobacter prevalence in piglets reared in specialized nurseries. Author(s): Harvey, R. B. Anderson, R. C. Droleskey, R. E. Genovese, K. J. Egan, L. F. Nisbet, D. J.
Chapter: 89 (Page no: 317) Digestive physiology in the pig: 40 years of research in France. Author(s): Laplace, J. P. Aumaître, A. A. Rérat, A.
Chapter: 90 (Page no: 326) Effect of phytase addition on amino acid and dry matter digestibilities and growth in pigs. Author(s): Johnston, S. L. Southern, L. L.
Chapter: 91 (Page no: 329) Effect of transportation stress on intramucosal pH and intestinal permeability. Author(s): Meulen, J. van der Graaf, G. J. de Nabuurs, M. J. A. Niewold, T. A.
Chapter: 92 (Page no: 332) Nutrient intake level affects histology and permeability of the small intestine in newly weaned piglets. Author(s): Verdonk, J. M. A. J. Spreeuwenberg, M. A. M. Bakker, G. C. M. Verstegen, M. W. A.
Chapter: 93 (Page no: 335) Effect of PVTC cannulation on ileal and faecal digestibility in growing pigs. Author(s): Jansman, A. J. M. Leeuwen, P. van Beelen, G. M. Verstegen, M. W. A.
Chapter: 94 (Page no: 338) Effects of dietary supplementation of exogenous fibre on the faecal excretion of major odour-causing volatile compounds in pigs. Author(s): Gao, Y. Lackeyram, D. Rideout, T. Archbold, T. Duns, G. Fan, M. Z. Squires, E. J. Lange, C. F. M. de Smith, T. K.
Chapter: 95 (Page no: 341) Reduced faecal excretion of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen by young pigs fed low phytic acid barley. Author(s): Veum, T. L. Bollinger, D. W. Smith, J. E. Ledoux, D. R. Raboy, V.
Chapter: 96 (Page no: 344) In vivo and in vitro ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids in barleys. Author(s): Pujol, S. Torrallardona, D. Boisen, S.
Chapter: 97 (Page no: 347) Effect of protein source and feed intake level on histology of the small intestine in newly weaned piglets. Author(s): Verdonk, J. M. A. J. Spreeuwenberg, M. A. M. Bakker, G. C. M. Verstegen, M. W. A.
Chapter: 98 (Page no: 349) Effect of a CCK-A receptor blocker, Tarazepide, on pig feeding behaviour. Author(s): Rzasa, A. Gregory, P. C. Pierzynowski, S. G.
Chapter: 99 (Page no: 351) The survival of potentially pathogenic E. coli in fermented liquid feed. Author(s): Beal, J. D. Moran, C. A. Campbell, A. Brooks, P. H.
Chapter: 100 (Page no: 354) In vivo and in vitro protein and amino acid digestibility of soybean and rapeseed products in pig diets. Author(s): Swiech, E. Buraczewska, L.
Chapter: 101 (Page no: 357) Cluster analysis for meat and bone meals (MBM) from Brazil and USA. Author(s): Bellaver, C. Easter, R. A. Viola, E. S. Zanotto, D. L. Brum, P. A. R. Lima, G. J. M. M. Barioni, W., Jr.
Chapter: 102 (Page no: 360) Surgical stomach reduction in swine as a model for human obesity. Author(s): Brenner, A. Marchesini, J. B. Bellaver, C. Flores, R.
Chapter: 103 (Page no: 363) Dietary vitamins C and E for growing pigs. Author(s): Gebert, S. Leonhardt, M. Wenk, C.
Chapter: 104 (Page no: 366) High available phosphorus maize and phytase in the diets of pigs. Author(s): Sands, J. S. Adeola, O. Ragland, D. Baxter, C. Joern, B. C. Sauber, T. E.
Chapter: 105 (Page no: 369) Estimation of fat content of animal bodies from their C and N content. Author(s): Kuhla, S. Klein, M. Souffrant, W. B. Jentsch, W. Renne, U.
Chapter: 106 (Page no: 371) Digestible lysine requirement of growing Finnish Landrace × Yorkshire pigs determined by N-balance technique. Author(s): Laurinen, P. Suomi, K. Näsi, M. Halonen, H.
Chapter: 107 (Page no: 374) Efficacy of a new phytase preparation. Author(s): Adeola, O. Sands, J. S. Ragland, D. Simmins, P. H. Schulze, H.