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Biofuel Crops

Biofuel Crops

Production, Physiology and Genetics

Edited by B Singh, Fort Valley State University, USA

June 2013 / Hardback / 544 Pages / 9781845938857 £130.00 / €175.00 / $250.00
With 10% online discount: £117.00 / €157.50 / $225.00
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Main Description

Providing comprehensive coverage on biofuel crop production and the technological, environmental and resource issues associated with a sustainable biofuel industry, this book is ideal for researchers and industry personnel. Beginning with an introduction to biofuels and the challenges they face, the book then includes detailed coverage on crops of current importance or with high future prospects, including sections on algae, sugar crops and grass, oil and forestry species. The chapters focus on the genetics, breeding, cultivation, harvesting and handling of each crop.


Comprehensive coverage of biofuel production, with a focus on individual crops and longer term sustainability.

  • Chapter 1: Biofuels in History
  • Chapter 2: Status, Innovations and Challenges of Next Generation Biofuel Technologies
  • Chapter 3: Microalgae Taxonomy and Breeding
  • Chapter 4: Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetics of Microalgal Growth and Lipid Production
  • Chapter 5: Algae Cultivation of Microalgae for Biofuel Production
  • Part III: PLANTS
  • Chapter 6: Physiology and Genetics of Biofuel Crop Yield
  • Chapter 7: Deconstructing Plant Biomass: Cell Wall Structure and Novel Manipulation Strategies
  • Chapter 8: Sugarcane and Energycane
  • Chapter 9: Sweet Sorghum - Genetics, Breeding and Commercialization
  • Chapter 10: Switchgrass
  • Chapter 11: Miscanthus Species
  • Chapter 12: Arundo donax
  • Chapter 13: Elephant Grass
  • Chapter 14: Bast and Leaf Fibre Crops (Kenaf, Hemp, Jute, Agave etc.)
  • Chapter 15: Jatroph (Jatropha curcas L.)
  • Chapter 16: Oilseed Brassicas
  • Chapter17: Camelina (Camelina sativa)
  • Chapter 18: Oil Palm
  • Chapter 19: Willow
  • Chapter 20: Pines
  • Chapter 21: Eucalyptus and Bamboo
  • Chapter 22: Phytoremediation Trees for Biofuel
  • Chapter 23: Lignocellulossic Feedstock Preparation by Size Reduction and Pretreatment
  • Appendix I: Energy and related units
  • Appendix II: Botanical names
The book is well organized into three parts, and each of the 23 chapters presents up-to date information on production, physiological and genetic aspects of the crops ... the book will be a valuable resource for faculty training the next generation of scientists in agronomy and biofuel crop improvement as well as students in these areas. Summing Up: Recommended. – CHOICE