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Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization and Requirements in Farm Animals

Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization and Requirements in Farm Animals

Edited by D Vitti, Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura, Brazil, E Kebreab, University of California Davis, USA

March 2010 / Hardback / 192 Pages / 9781845936266 £98.99 / €125.00 / $186.95
With 10% online discount: £89.09 / €112.50 / $168.26
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Main Description

Mineral nutrition of livestock is an area of significant importance due to its contribution to farm animal economics and health. With a focus on macromineral utilization in farm animals, this book brings together quantitative aspects of phosphorus and calcium metabolism in farm animals in chapters written by leading researchers worldwide. It covers isotope dilution technique, phosphorus and calcium utilization in ruminants (sheep, goats and cattle) and non-ruminants (swine, horses) and recommended value of phosphorus and calcium inclusion in feed. It is an essential resource for researchers and students in animal sciences and nutrition.

  • 1: Introduction - D.M.S.S. Vitti and E. Kebreab
  • 2: Isotope Dilution Technique - D.M.S.S. Vitti and J. C. da Silva Filho
  • 3: Kinetic Models for the Study of Phosphorus Metabolism in Ruminants and Monogastrics - J. France, R.S. Dias, D.M.S.S. Vitti and E. Kebreab
  • 4: Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization in Ruminants Using Isotope Dilution Technique - D.M.S.S. Vitti, J.C. da Silva Filho, H. Louvandini, R.S. Dias, I.C.S. Bueno and E. Kebreab
  • 5: Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization in Non-Ruminants Using Isotope Dilution Technique - J.B. Lopes, C.E. Furtado, J.A. Moreira, J.C. da Silva Filho, R.A. Brandi, E. Kebreab and D. M. S. S. Vitti
  • 6: Bioavailability of Calcium and Phosphorus in Feedstuffs for Farm Animals - E. Kiarie and C.M. Nyachoti
  • 7: Phosphorus and Calcium Nutrition and Metabolism - T.L. Veum
  • 8: Phosphorus and Calcium Requirements of Ruminants - K.F. Knowlton, D. Beede and E. Kebreab
  • 9: Dynamics of Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Laying Hens - S. de Vries, R.P. Kwakkel and J. Dijkstra
  • 10: Efficiency of Phosphorus and Calcium Utilization in Dairy Cattle and Implications to the Environment - A. Bannink, L. ?ebek and J. Dijkstra

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