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Industrial Crops and Uses

Industrial Crops and Uses

Edited by B Singh, Fort Valley State University, USA

September 2010 / Hardback / 528 Pages / 9781845936167 £134.99 / €182.00 / $259.95
With 10% online discount: £121.49 / €163.80 / $233.96
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Main Description

The demand for plant-based industrial raw materials has increased as well as research into expanding the utility of plants for current and future uses. Plants are renewable, have limited or positive environmental impact and have the potential to yield a wide range of products in contrast to petroleum-based materials. Plants can be used in a variety of different industries and products including bioenergy, industrial oil and starch, fibre and dye, rubber and related compounds, insecticide and land rehabilitation. This title offers a comprehensive coverage of each of these uses. Chapters discuss the identification of plant species with desired traits, their cultivation to obtain the needed raw materials, methods utilized in producing different finished products, current and future research in crop production and processing and the present state and future prospects for the industry. Providing the first systematic review of industrial crops and their uses, this book will be an important resource for students and researchers of crop science and agricultural policy makers.

  • Section I: General
  • Chapter 1: Overview of Industrial Crops - Bharat P. Singh
  • Section II: Bioenergy
  • Chapter 2: Bioenergy Industry Status and Prospects - R. Roger Ruan and Paul Chen
  • Chapter 3: Heat and Power Generation by Gasification and Combustion - Ralph E.H. Sims
  • Chapter 4: Ethanol from Sugar Crops - Gillian Eggleston, Thomas Tew, Lee Panella and Thomas Klasson
  • Chapter 5: Ethanol from Grain Crops - Renyong Zhao, Xiaorong Wu, Scott Bean, and Donghai Wang
  • Chapter 6: Ethanol from Lignocellulosic Crops - Kazuhiro Takamizawa, William Anderson and Hari P. Singh
  • Chapter 7: Biodiesel from Oilseed Crops - Dev Shrestha and Jon Van Gerpen
  • Section III: Industrial Oil
  • Chapter 8: Industrial Oil Types and Uses - Lou Honary
  • Chapter 9: Improvement of Industrial Oil Crops - Denis J Murphy
  • Section IV: Industrial Starch
  • Chapter 10: Starch Characterization, Variety and Application - Jay-lin Jane, Clodualdo C. Maningat and Rungtiwa Wongsagonsup
  • Chapter 11: In Planta Modification of Starch Quantity and Quality- Sarita Jaiswal, Seedhabadee Ganeshan, Monica Båga and Ravindra N Chibbar
  • Section V: Fibre and Dye
  • Chapter 12: Cotton Production, Processing, and Uses of Cotton Raw Material - B. Todd Campbell and Lori Hinze Chapter 13: Research in Cotton Fibre Improvement - Lorenzo Aleman and Randy D. Allen
  • Chapter 14: Bast Fibres: From Plants to Products - Jonathan Y. Chen and Frank Liu
  • Chapter 15: Bast Fibre Processing and Uses - Holger Fischer and Jörg Müssig
  • Chapter 16: Plant Dyes - R. Siva
  • Section VI: Rubber and Related Compounds
  • Chapter 17: Rubber Tree and Natural rubber industry- Hari P. Singh and Bharat P. Singh
  • Chapter 18: Guayule: Culture, Breeding and Rubber Production - Dennis T. Ray, Michael A. Foster, Terry A. Coffelt and Colleen McMahan
  • Chapter 19: Gums, resins and waxes - Enrico Casadei and Ben Chikamai
  • Section VII: Insecticide
  • Chapter 20: Botanical insecticides, deterrents, repellents and oils - Murray B. Isman
  • Section VIII: Land Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 21: Principles of Plant-based Remediation of Contaminated Soils - Peter M. Kopittke, Enzo Lombi, Neal W. Menzies and Ravi Naidu
  • Chapter 22: Phytoremedial Crops and Current Research - Priya Padmanabhan and Shivendra V. Sahi
This "extremely useful book... succeeds in its aim of providing information... suitable for a textbook for graduate-level students and to present current research and developments of interest to researchers and professionals". Journal of Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 47 (4), 2011