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The Ethology of Domestic Animals

The Ethology of Domestic Animals

An Introductory Text

Now Published!

Edited by P Jensen, Linköping University, Sweden

September 2017 / Paperback / 360 Pages / 9781786391650 £32.99 / €45.00 / $55.00
With 10% online discount: £29.69 / €40.50 / $49.50
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Main Description

Completely updated, revised and redesigned in colour throughout, this classic bestselling text continues to provide a concise introduction to the important fundamentals of animal behaviour from genetics, physiology, motivation, learning and cognition, through to social and reproductive behaviour, abnormal behaviour and human-animal interactions.

- Concise but comprehensive coverage of all the fundamentals of animal behaviour in companion, farm and laboratory animals.
- Expert authors and key opinion leaders from around the world provide the latest evidence-based information on animal behaviour and welfare.
- A revised layout and design, means it is easy to find key information at a glance, making it an ideal rapid revision tool.
- New for the third edition: new chapters on fur animals with the inclusion of more species and expanded sections on canine behaviour.

This text remains a highly respected, essential resource for both students and lecturers in animal and veterinary science, animal welfare, zoology and psychology.


Suitable for students, researchers and teachers of applied ethology, animal welfare and veterinary science.

  • 1: The study of animal behaviour and its applications, Per Jensen
  • 2: Behaviour genetics, evolution and domestication, Per Jensen
  • 3: Behaviour and physiology, Anna Valros and Laura Hänninen
  • 4: Motivation and the organisation of behaviour, Georgia Mason and Melissa Bateson
  • 5: Learning and Cognition, Michael Mendl and Christine J. Nicol
  • 6: Social and reproductive behaviour, Daniel M. Weary and David Fraser
  • 7: Play and ontogeny of behaviour, Susan Held
  • 8: Introduction to animal personality, Hanne Løvlie
  • 9: Abnormal behaviour, stress and welfare, Linda Keeling and Per Jensen
  • 10: Human-animal relations, Susanne Waiblinger
  • 11: Behaviour of domesticated birds: chickens, turkeys and ducks, Joy Mench
  • 12: Behaviour of horses, Daniel Mills and Sarah Redgate
  • 13: Behaviour of Cattle, Cassandra B. Tucker
  • 14: The behaviour of sheep and goats, Cathy Dwyer
  • 15: Behaviour of pigs, Marek Špinka
  • 16: BEHAVIOUR OF DOGS, Deborah L. Wells
  • 17: Behaviour of cats, John Bradshaw
  • 18: Behaviour of Foxes and Mink kept for Fur Production, Anne-Lene Hovland, Leena Ahola, Jens Malmkvist
  • 19: The behaviour of laboratory mice and rats, Hanno Würbel, Charlotte Burn and Naomi Latham

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