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Managing Outdoor Recreation

Managing Outdoor Recreation

Case Studies in the National Parks

By R Manning, University of Vermont, USA, L E Anderson, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, USA, P Pettengill, St. Lawrence University, USA

March 2017 / Hardback / 252 Pages / 9781786391025 £97.99 / €128.95 / $165.00
With 10% online discount: £88.19 / €116.06 / $148.50
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March 2017 / Paperback / 252 Pages / 9781786391018 £39.99 / €55.00 / $65.00
With 10% online discount: £35.99 / €49.50 / $58.50
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Main Description

This fully updated second edition presents a conceptual framework of outdoor recreation management in the form of a series of management matrices. It then illustrates this framework through new and updated case studies in the US national parks, and concludes with the principles of outdoor recreation management.

Written by an author team with extensive academic and practical experience in the field of outdoor recreation, the book:

- Develops and presents a matrix-based framework of strategies and practices for managing outdoor recreation in a sustainable way.
- Illustrates application of best management practices through a series of case studies in diverse national parks.
- Includes lecture slides and online matrices to aid the teaching of outdoor recreation management to a new generation.

Managing Outdoor Recreation, 2nd Edition is an essential resource for undergraduate and graduate students of parks, outdoor recreation and related subjects, as well as a helpful tool for practitioners.


Suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of parks and outdoor recreation.

  • -: Preface
  • 1: Parks and Outdoor Recreation
  • 2: Impacts of Outdoor Recreation
  • 3: Outdoor Recreation Management Practices
  • 4: Evaluating Outdoor Recreation Management Practices
  • 5: Applying Outdoor Recreation Management Practices
  • 6: Treading Lightly on Acadia
  • 7: Building a Better Campsite Along the Appalachian Trail
  • 8: Let There Be Light in Great Smoky Mountains
  • 9: How Many Visitors is Too Many at Arches?
  • 10: Protecting Biscayne’s Underwater Treasures
  • 11: Saving Bats at Mammoth Cave
  • 12: Turning Off the Lights at Chaco
  • 13: Busing Among the Grizzlies at Denali
  • 14: Winning the Lottery on the Colorado River
  • 15: The Ice Caves are Open, The Ice Caves are Open
  • 16: The Sounds of Silence in Muir Woods
  • 17: Stewarding America’s Antiquities at Mesa Verde
  • 18: What Goes Up Mt Whitney Must Come Down
  • 19: Preventing the Petrified Forest from Disappearing
  • 20: Containing Contaminants at Carlsbad Caverns
  • 21: Bear Etiquette in Katmai
  • 22: Don’t Pick Up Aquatic Hitchhikers in Voyageurs
  • 23: A Mountain with Handrails at Yosemite
  • 24: Doing the Zion Shuttle
  • 25: The Buzz from Above at Grand Canyon
  • 26: Managing Monuments and Memorials at the National Mall
  • 27: Climbing Towards Common Ground at Devils Tower
  • 28: The Winter Wonderland of Yellowstone
  • 29: Alternative Transportation at Grand Teton
  • 30: No Bad Trip in Glacier
  • 31: Lessons Learned

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  • Managing Outdoor Recreation
    Managing Outdoor Recreation
    by R Manning; L E Anderson; P Pettengill March 2017 Hardback / 9781786391025 / £97.99 / $165.00 / €128.95
  • Managing Outdoor Recreation
    Managing Outdoor Recreation
    by R Manning; L E Anderson; P Pettengill March 2017 Paperback / 9781786391018 / £39.99 / $65.00 / €55.00