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Pilgrimage and Tourism to Holy Cities

Pilgrimage and Tourism to Holy Cities

Ideological and Management Perspectives
CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series

Edited by M Leppakari, Adjunct Professor. Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem & Åbo Akademi University, Finland, K Griffin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

November 2016 / Hardback / 204 Pages / 9781780647388 £85.00 / €110.00 / $140.00
With 10% online discount: £76.50 / €99.00 / $126.00
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Main Description

This book covers the ideological motives and religious perceptions behind travel to sites prescribed with sanctity in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It covers sites that have drawn pilgrims and religious tourists to them for hundreds of years, and seeks to provide an understanding of the complex world of religiously motivated travel. Beginning with contemporary perspectives of pilgrimage across these religions, it then discusses management aspects such as logistics, infrastructure, malevolent behaviour and evangelical volunteers.

This book:
- Provides a collection of new, contemporary perspectives on pilgrimage.
- Reviews the ideological motives, history, mental health, and religious perceptions of tourism to holy cities.
- Contains practical applications, models and illustrations of religious tourism and pilgrimage management from a variety of international and academic perspectives.

Written by subject experts, this book addresses cultural sustainability for researchers and practitioners within religious tourism, religious studies, geography and anthropology.


Suitable for researchers and practitioners of religious tourism, religious studies, pilgrimage, geography, anthropology and related subjects.

  • 1: Western Holy Cities and Places – An Introduction
  • Part I: Western Pilgrimage to Holy Cities in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • 2: Judaism – Jewish and Israeli Pilgrimage Experience: Constructing National Identity
  • 3: Christianity – Contemporary Christian Pilgrimage and Traditional Management Practices at Sacred Sites
  • 4: Christanity- Christian Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites in the Holy Land: A Swedish Perspective
  • 5: Islam – Contemporary Perspectives
  • 6: Islam – Spiritual Journey in Islam: the Qur’anic Cognitive Model
  • Part II: Managing Pilgrimage Sites in Holy Cities
  • 7: Pilgrimage Policy Management: Between Shrine Strategy and Ritual Improvisation
  • 8: The Management of Pilgrims with Malevolent Behaviour in a Holy Space: a Study of Jerusalem Syndrome
  • 9: Logistics at Holy Sites
  • 10: Protestants and Pilgrimages: the Protestant Infrastructure in Jerusalem
  • 11: The Impact of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s Campaign on Yezidi Religious Structures and Pilgrimage Practices
  • 12: Evangelical Volunteers in Israel as Long-term Pilgrims: Ambassadors for the Kingdom
  • Part III: Closing Words
  • 13: Redeeming Western Holy Places and Contested Holy Cities
  • -: Appendix – Discussion Points

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