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Sustainable Water Management in Smallholder Farming

Sustainable Water Management in Smallholder Farming

Theory and Practice

By S Finley, Water Management Consultant, Canada

July 2016 / Hardback / 204 Pages / 9781780646862 £97.99 / €128.95 / $165.00
With 10% online discount: £88.19 / €116.06 / $148.50
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July 2016 / Paperback / 204 Pages / 9781780646879 £39.99 / €55.00 / $65.00
With 10% online discount: £35.99 / €49.50 / $58.50
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Main Description

Water is critical to all human activities, but access to this crucial resource is increasingly limited by competition and the effects of climate change. In agriculture, water management is key to ensuring good and sustained crop yields, maintaining soil health, and safeguarding the long-term viability of the land.

Water management is especially challenging on smallholder farms in resource-poor areas, which tend to be primarily rainfed and thus highly dependent on unreliable rainfall patterns. Sustainable practices can help farmers promote the development of soils, plants and field surfaces to allow maximum retention of water between rains, and encourage the efficient use of each drop of water applied as irrigation. Using simplified concepts and easy-to-understand language, this book:

- outlines the theoretical underpinnings of sustainable water management in agriculture,
-introduces a range of beneficial practices, including the enhancement of soil water retention, water loss reduction, rainwater harvesting, conservation agriculture, and small-scale irrigation
-provides schematic diagrams, and resources for further reading to help readers put theory into practice

Especially useful for farmers' groups, agricultural extension workers, NGOs, students and researchers working with farmers in dryland areas, this comprehensive yet concise book is a practical and accessible resource for anyone interested in sustainable water management.

  • 1: Theoretical Foundations of Water Management in Agriculture
  • 1: Key Concepts
  • 2: Goals of Agricultural Water Management
  • 3: Soil and Water
  • 4: Plants and Water
  • 5: Climate Outlook
  • 2: Improving Water Productivity in Rainfed Agriculture
  • 6: Soil-focused Strategies: Reducing Water Loss
  • 7: Rainwater Harvesting
  • 8: Crop-focused Strategies: Using Available Water Wisely
  • 9: Conservation Agriculture
  • 3: Irrigation
  • 10: Irrigation
  • 11: Irrigation Scheduling
  • 12: Water Sources for Agriculture
  • -: Summary of Key Points

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