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Biotechnology of Major Cereals

Biotechnology of Major Cereals

Edited by H Jones, Prof. Translational Genomics for Plant Breeding. Aberystwyth University, UK

September 2016 / Hardback / 244 Pages / 9781780645193 £85.00 / €110.00 / $160.00
With 10% online discount: £76.50 / €99.00 / $144.00
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Main Description

Biotechnology of Major Cereals will focus on the recent advances and future prospects in cereal biotechnology. The first part of the book will cover the world’s major cereals and focus on new developments and trends. The second part will be technology rather than species-led, detailing fundamental developments in technologies and significant target traits.

  • 1: Biotechnology of Major Cereals
  • 2: Genetic Transformation of Maize: Conventional Methods and Precision Genome Modification
  • 3: Biotech Maize: Industry Development & Impact
  • 4: Sorghum Genetic Transformation: Current Status and Future Target Traits
  • 5: Barley as a Cereal Model for Biotechnology Applications
  • 6: Wheat Biotechnology; Recent Developments and Future Trends
  • 7: The Long and Winding Road of Rice Genetic Modification Technology and its Potential
  • 8: Setaria Viridis; A Model for C4 Crop Biotechnology
  • 9: Genome Editing in Cereals
  • 10: Anther Culture for Doubled Haploids
  • 11: Chloroplast Transformation in Cereals
  • 12: Cross-species Silencing: Plant-mediated RNAi for Insect Control
  • 13: Acrylamide in Cereals: The Problem and Potential Genetic and Agronomic Solutions
  • 14: Engineering Cereal Endosperm
  • 15: Key molecular and Metabolic Processes used for Genetic Engineering to Improve Freezing
  • 16: Mergers and Acquisitions in Global Ag-Biotech

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