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Transgenic Insects

Transgenic Insects

Techniques and Applications
CABI Biotechnology Series

Edited by M Q Benedict, University of Perugia, Italy

October 2014 / Hardback / 398 Pages / 9781780644516 £101.99 / €133.95 / $192.50
With 10% online discount: £91.79 / €120.56 / $173.25
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Main Description

Insect transgenesis promises improvements in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and public health. Many important insects can now be routinely transformed with effectors that have useful applications. Agriculture presents the largest market for transgenic insects and has a foundational history of success with sterile insect technique for control of pests including Mediterranean fruit flies and screwworms. Biotechnology will contribute superior markers, suppressible sterility and sex-conversion. Public health is also seeing transgenic mosquitoes developed which suppress natural populations and are incapable of transmitting disease. Experts in the field will contribute their insights into the latest technology and its applications. Authors will also consider the larger risks, social and economic aspects of transgenic insects whose value must be proven in political, regulatory and public acceptance arenas.

  • 1:       Transposons for Insect Transformation David A. O’Brochta, Kasim George and Hanfu Xu
  • 2:       Transposon-Based Technologies for Insects David A. O’Brochta, Kasim George and Hanfu Xu
  • 3:       Sex-, Tissue- and Stage-Specific Transgene Expression Andrew Marc Hammond and Tony Nolan
  • 4:       Docking Systems for Site-Directed Transgene Integration Paul Eggleston and Janet M. Meredith
  • 5:       Inducible and Repressible Systems for Transgene Expression Rosemary  S. Lees, Rocco D’Amato and Mark Q. Benedict
  • 6:       Sex Ratio Manipulation for Insect Population Control Philippos A. Papathanos, Nikolai Windbichler and Omar S. Akbari
  • 7:       Conditional Dominant Lethals – RIDL Luke Alphey, Martha Koukidou and Neil I. Morrison
  • 8:       Tephritid Fruit Fly Transgenesis and Applications Alfred M. Handler and Marc F. Schetelig
  • 9:       Silkworm Transgenesis and Applications Hideki Sezutsu and Toshiki Tamura
  • 10:     Transgenic Approaches for Sterile Insect Control of Dipteran Livestock Pests and Lepidopteran Crop Pests Maxwell J. Scott, Neil I. Morrison and Gregory S. Simmons
  • 11:    Antipathogen Effector Molecules: Current and Future Strategies Michael A. Riehle and Shirley Luckhart
  • 12:    Sexual Sterilization of Mosquitoes Paolo Gabrieli, Eric Marois and Flaminia Catteruccia
  • 13:     Paratransgenesis in Mosquitoes and Other Insects: Microbial Ecology and Bacterial Genetic Considerations David J. Lampe and Nicholas J. Bongio
  • 14:     Asaia Paratransgenesis in Mosquitoes Guido Favia
  • 15:     Paratransgenic Control of Chagas Disease Ivy Hurwitz, Nicole Klein, Adam P. Forshaw and Ravi V. Durvasula
  • 16:     Tsetse Paratransgenesis: a Novel Strategy for Reducing the Spread of African Trypanosomiasis Brian L. Weiss and Serap Aksoy
  • 17:     RIDL: Modelling Release of Insects Carrying a Dominant Lethal Nina Alphey and Michael B. Bonsall
  • 18:     Assessing Risk of Transgenic Insects M.M. Quinlan
  • 19:     Economics of Transgenic Insects for Field Release John D. Mumford and L. Roman Carrasco
  • 20:     Risk Analysis and the Regulation of Transgenic Insects Camilla  Beech and Tom Miller
  • 21:     Public Acceptability of New Insect Vector Control Technologies Katherine F. King, Pamela Kolopack, Lara Zahabi-Bekdash and James V. Lavery
  • 22:     The Cartagena Protocol on the Transboundary Movement of Living Modified Organisms: The Regulation of Trade in Transgenic Organisms under International and European Environmental Law Ricardo Pereira

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