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Local Partnerships for Rural Development

Local Partnerships for Rural Development

The European Experience

Edited by M Moseley, Professor of Rural Community Development, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK

March 2003 / Hardback / 256 Pages / 9780851996578 £85.50 / €112.00 / $160.95
With 10% online discount: £76.95 / €100.80 / $144.86
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Main Description

This book has been developed from a report of the cross-national 'PRIDE' (Partnerships for Rural Integrated Development in Europe) research project. The research focused on the public and private sector rural development experience of six member states of the European Union, namely Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Partnerships and Local Rural Development
  • 3: The Research Objectives
  • 4: Literature Review And Theoretical Framework
  • 5: The Emergence Of Partnerships - A 1999 Perspective
  • 6: The Impact Of Partnerships - A 1999 Perspective
  • 7: A 2002 'Postscript' to the Literature Review
  • 8: A Theoretical Perspective
  • 9: From Theory to a Research Programme
  • 10: Methodology - And The Execution Of The Research
  • 11: The Overall Research Design
  • 12: The Method of the 'Extensive Survey'
  • 13: The Method of Selecting the 24 Case-Study Partnerships
  • 14: The Method of the Study of the Practice of Partnership
  • 15: The Method of the Study of the Impact of Partnership
  • 16: The Method of the Feedback Survey
  • 17: The Method of the Final Synthesis
  • 18: The Findings Of The Extensive Survey
  • 19: Republic of Ireland
  • 20: Germany
  • 21: Spain
  • 22: Italy
  • 23: United Kingdom
  • 24: Finland
  • 25: Sweden
  • 26: The Extensive Survey Results Viewed from a European Perspective: A Descriptive Overview
  • 27: A Typology of Local Partnerships for Integrated Rural Development In Europe
  • 28: The Findings Of The Study of Practice
  • 29: The Main Features of the Partnerships Studied
  • 30: The Practice of Rural Partnership in the United Kingdom
  • 31: The Practice of Rural Partnership in Sweden
  • 32: The Practice of Rural Partnership in Finland
  • 33: The Practice of Rural Partnership in Germany
  • 34: The Practice of Rural Partnership in Spain
  • 35: The Practice of Rural Partnership in Italy
  • 36: The Origin and Composition of the Partnerships, and Partner Involvement; a European Perspective
  • 37: Key Elements in the Organisation and Operation of the Partnerships- A European Perspective
  • 38: The 'Adding of Value' to Local Development - A European Perspective
  • 39: Key Weaknesses in the Practice of Partnerships - A European Perspective
  • 40: The Findings Of 'The Study of Impact'
  • 41: The Effects of the Partnership Approach - A European Analysis
  • 42: The Determinants of the Effects of the Partnership Approach - A European Analysis
  • 43: Determinants and Effects from the Six National Perspectives
  • 44: The Impact Study; Some Concluding Comments
  • 45: Validation; the 'Feedback Survey'.
  • 46: Conclusions And Recommendations
  • 47: The Focus of the Chapter
  • 48: What are the Key Characteristics of Rural Development Partnerships?
  • 49: What Impact Have Partnerships Had on Rural Development?
  • 50: What Factors Have Significantly Influenced the Effectiveness of Partnerships in Impacting upon Rural Development?
  • 51: Recommendations - What Measures Would Improve the Effectiveness of Local Partnerships in Promoting Rural Development?
  • 52: References and Select English Language Bibliography
  • 53: Appendices
"This book answers all the important questions it addresses, and the intelligence, energy and care it embodies entitle it to have a crucial impact on the agenda of empirical research in rural development. George Baourakis, European Review of Agricultural Economics

"This project advances our understanding of partnerships and is therefore a good addition to the literature on the topic."
David Storey, Local Government Studies, 30(2), 2004

"The text is very well written, and will for the most part interest those concerned with rural development partnerships."
Stephan J Goetz, Regional Studies, 38(4), 2004