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Mason's World Dictionary of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties

Mason's World Dictionary of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties
March 2002 / Hardback / 400 Pages / 9780851994307 £77.99 / €99.00 / $145.95
With 10% online discount: £70.19 / €89.10 / $131.36
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Main Description

This is a new edition of a standard reference text, and contains key breed information about cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, asses and buffalo. It contains approximately 9000 entries and cross-references on breeds, sub-breeds, types, varieties, strains and lines of these species. The aim is to include all the livestock names that may be encountered in international literature. Each entry includes the current recommended English name, region or country of origin, notes on usage, followed by a brief physical description of the breed, in terms of colour/markings, horns, and coat type. There is a description of the relationship with other breeds or types, and historical notes about the origin of the breed, plus details of breed societies, and herdbooks where relevant. Finally, foreign names and synonyms are listed, to aid identification. The book has been thoroughly updated since the 4th edition was published in 1996. Revisions have been undertaken by Valerie Porter, a well-respected author of more popular works on animal breeds.

  • 1: Ass
  • 2: Austro-Hungarian albino
  • 3: burro
  • 4: Common Spanish
  • 5: Buffalo
  • 6: African buffalo
  • 7: Burmese
  • 8: Cattle
  • 9: Aberdeen-Angus
  • 10: Charolais
  • 11: Galician Blond
  • 12: Humpless shorthorns
  • 13: Russian Black Pied
  • 14: Goat
  • 15: Cashgora
  • 16: Gobi Wool Goat
  • 17: Moroccan Black
  • 18: Zinder Brown
  • 19: Horse
  • 20: Arab
  • 21: Exmoor Pony
  • 22: Half Saddlebred
  • 23: Przewalski horse
  • 24: Swedish Warmblood
  • 25: Pig
  • 26: Duroc
  • 27: Froxfield Pygmy
  • 28: Konstantinovo
  • 29: Penzhou Mountain
  • 30: Sulawesi warty pig
  • 31: Sheep
  • 32: Barbados Black Belly
  • 33: Canary Woolless
  • 34: Carpetmaster
  • 35: Four-horned
  • 36: Manchega
Review of the 4th Edition:
"Ian Mason, the author, has made a prodigious effort to keep this dictionary up-to-date in an era when synthetic breeds are appearing with great frequency...The publication is a useful reference for any veterinarian interested in the development and history of livestock breeds. It should also be in all reference libraries which aim to serve veterinary and livestock interests."
(W J Pryor, Australian Veterinary Journal)Review: 5th Edition
"Mason's offers well-organized, in-depth international coverage of livestock, identifying major breeds, listing existing and extinct breeds." S.J. Bryant, CHOICE, February, 2003