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Methods and Approaches in Forest History

Methods and Approaches in Forest History

IUFRO Research Series

Edited by M Agnoletti, University of Florence, Italy, S Anderson, Forest History Society, Durham, North Carolina, USA

June 2000 / Hardback / 304 Pages / 9780851994208 £95.00 / €120.00 / $180.00
With 10% online discount: £85.50 / €108.00 / $162.00
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Main Description

A companion to Forest History: International Studies on Socioeconomic and Forest Ecosystem Change which includes over 20 papers from the same conference held in Florence in 1998. This volume focuses on the different approaches and methods adopted in the study of forest history. The interdisciplinary nature of these studies is emphasized, bringing in the different perspectives of anthropologists, botanists, ecologists, foresters, historians, geneticists and geographers. This volume demonstrates the rich diversity of approaches and methods to forest history.

  • 1: Introduction: the Development of Forest History Research,
  • 2: Changing Roles of the Forest History Society: New Approaches to Environmental History in North America,
  • 3: How Professional Historians Can Play a Useful Role in the Study of an Interdisciplinary Forest History,
  • 4: Putting ‘Flesh on the Carbon-Based Bones of Forest History’,
  • 5: Forest Management from Positivism to the Culture of Complexity,
  • 6: Economic Areas and Forest Nature: Search for Forest Images and the Understanding of Nature in the Past,
  • 7: The Age and Size of Hazel (Corylus avellana L.) Stools of Nåtö Island, Åland Islands, SW Finland,
  • 8: The Study of Charcoal Burning Sites in the Apennine Mountains of Liguria (NW Italy) as a Tool for Forest History,
  • 9: Local Economic History, Environmental History and Forest History: Some Swedish Experiences and Suggestions,
  • 10: Socioeconomical and Ecological Aspects of Coppice Woods History in the Lower Vosges (France) and the Black Forest (Germany),
  • 11: The Forest History of Boreal Sweden – A Multidisciplinary Approach,
  • 12: Preindustrial Forests in Central Europe as Objects of Historical-Geographical Research,
  • 13: Methods Towards Studying Historical Changes in Forest and Landscape Patterns: a Comparison Between Two Nearby Socioeconomic Contexts,
  • 14: Temporal and Spatial Changes in a Boreal Forest Landscape: GIS Applications,
  • 15: Comparing Damages: Italian and American Concepts of Restoration,
  • 16: Searching for Common Ground: Reconstructing Landscape History in East Africa’s Eastern Arc Mountains,
  • 17: The ‘Alnoculture’ System in the Ligurian Eastern Apennines: Archive Evidence,
  • 18: Between Nature and Culture: the Contribution of Anthropology to Environmental Study,
  • 19: Prehistoric Cultures and the Development of Woodlands,
  • 20: Integration Between Genetic and Archaeobotanical Data in a Study on the Evolutionary History of Pinus halepensis Mill. Populations in Southern Italy,
  • 21: Xylology and Forest History,
  • 22: Bristlecone Pines and Tales of Change in the Great Basin,
  • 23: Biodiversity and Forest Management: From Biodiversity to Geochronodiversity,
  • 24: Temporal Differences in Forest History at Two Sites in Eastern North America,
"The book contains a comprehensive index and is superbly printed and bound. Its place will be mainly in university and other libraries where it will provide an important reference for future forest history work".

P J Wood, The International Forestry Review, September 2002

"The book contains a comprehensive index and is superbly printed and bound. Its place will be mainly in university and other libraries where it will provide an important reference for future forest history work".

International Forestry Review, September 2002
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