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Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources

Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources

Edited by R Evenson, Yale University, USA, D Gollin, Economic Growth Center, Yale University, USA, V Santaniello, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Rome, Italy

September 1998 / Hardback / 304 Pages / 9780851992952 £106.99 / €139.00 / $203.95
With 10% online discount: £96.29 / €125.10 / $183.56
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Main Description

International concern over the threat to species and ecosystems caused by human activities is at an all time high, which may result in high costs to present and future generations. The economic costs and benefits associated with the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources of actual or potential value for food and agriculture is largely unknown. Economic instruments that can encourage implementation of socially optimal genetic resource conservation strategies as well as the sharing of the real benefits and costs are a useful measurement tool. This book is an edited compilation of papers from the Symposium on the Economics of Valuation and Conservation of Genetic Resources for Agriculture held in Rome in May 1996. It addresses some of the key issues involved in the estimation of the economic value of conserving genetic resources for agriculture. It covers the modelling of the value of Plant Genetic Resources (PGRs), empirical studies of PGRs (including field diversity and yield vulnerability), seven empirical studies of PGR breeding values, property rights in PGRs and the implications of modern biotechnology methods for PGR values. The book will be essential reading for workers in agricultural economics, plant breeding and genetics, and biodiversity and conservation.

  • Part I: Modelling the Role of Genetic Resources in Plant Breeding
  • 1.1: Plant Breeding: A Case of Induced Innovation, R E Evenson
  • 1.2: Search Modelling for Traits, D Gollin and M Smale
  • 1.3: The Value of Genetic Resources for Use in Agricultural Improvement, R D Simpson and R A Sedjo
  • 1.4: Development, Agriculture and Diversity: Externalities in the Diffusion of Agriculture, T Swanson
  • Part II: Empirical Studies: Plant Breeding and Field Diversity
  • 2.1: Indicators to Genetic Diversity in Bread Wheats: Selected Evidence on Cultivars Grown in Developing Countries, M Smale
  • 2.2: Farmers’ Valuation and Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources, S B Brush and E Meng
  • Part III: Empirical Studies: Breeding Values
  • 3.1: Maize Breeding and Genetic Resources, W Salhuana and S Smith
  • 3.2: Role of International Germplasm Collections in Italian Durum Wheat Breeding Programs, D Bagnara and V Santiello
  • 3.3: An Application of Hedonic Pricing Methods to Value Rice Genetic Resources in India, D Gollin and R E Evenson
  • 3.4: Varietal Trait Values for Rice in India, K P C Rao and R E Evenson
  • 3.5: Modern Varieties, Traits, Commodity Supply and Factor Demand in Indian Agriculture, R E Evenson
  • 3.6: Crop-Loss Data and Trait Value Estimates for Rice in Indonesia, R E Evenson
  • 3.7: Breeding Values of Rice Genetic Resources, D Gollin and R E Evenson
  • Part IV: Property Rights
  • 4.1: Incentives for Genetic Resource Preservation, A Artuso
  • 4.2: Farmers’ Rights, J Esquinas-Alcázar
  • 4.3: Intellectual Property and Farmers’ Rights, B D Wright
  • 4.4: Valuing Farmers’ Rights, D Gollin
  • Part V: The Implication of Development in Biotechnology
  • 5.1: Impact of Biotechnology on the Demand for Rice Biodiversity, C E Pray
  • 5.2: Biotechnology and Genetic Resources, R E Evenson

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