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The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus), one of the world's most expensive cultivated ornamental fishes, is an endangered species. It represents an ancient lineage of teleosts: the Osteoglossomorpha. Here, we provide a high-quality chromosome-level reference genome of a female golden-variety...

Bian Chao; Hu YinChang; Vydianathan Ravi; Kuznetsova, I. S.; Shen XueYan; Mu XiDong; Sun Ying; You XinXin; Li Jia; Li XiaoFeng; Qiu Ying; Tay BoonHui; Thevasagayam, N. M.; Komissarov, A. S.; Trifonov, V.; Kabilov, M.; Tupikin, A.; Luo JianRen; Liu Yi; Song HongMei; Liu Chao; Wang XueJie; Gu DanGen; Yang YeXin; Li WuJiao; Polgar, G. (et al)
Nature Publishing Group, London, UK
Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 1, pp 24501

Background: Crucian carp (abbreviated CC) belongs to the genus of Carassius within the family of Cyprinidae. It has been one of the most important freshwater species for Chinese aquaculture and is especially abundant in the Dongting water system of Hunan province. CC used to be considered as all...

Xiao Jun; Zou TuoMi; Chen YuBao; Chen Lin; Liu ShaoJun; Tao Min; Zhang Chun; Zhao RuRong; Zhou Yi; Long Yu; You CuiPing; Yan JinPeng; Liu Yun
BioMed Central Ltd, London, UK
BMC Genetics, 2011, 12, 20, pp (29 January 2011)

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