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A new flow cytometric method has been developed to rapidly determine sperm concentration and viability in semen from bulls and boars. Sperm viability was determined on the basis of staining with SYBR-14 and propidium iodide (PI), and this allowed detection of live (membrane-intact) sperm, dying...

Christensen, P.; Stenvang, J. P.; Godfrey, W. L.
American Society of Andrology, San Francisco, USA
Journal of Andrology, 2004, 25, 2, pp 255-264

ISHII, T., MIUBA, Y., HIBAI, Y., and HOTTA, H. [Reciprocal crosses between the guinea fowl and the domestic fowl by artificial insemination]: 348-349
KIMUBA, M. [On the stepping stone model of population structure]: 353.
KIMUBA, M. [Prospects of progress in population genetics and how research in...

Idengahu Zasshi = Japanese Journal of Genetics, 1964, 39, pp 337-382

ARAVE, C. W., and LAMB, R. C. Relationship between a dairy cattle production index and genotype at the serum transferrin and four milk protein loci: 666.
ARORA, K. K., and FREEMAN, A. E. Environmental correlation between paternal half-sibs for milk and milk fat production: 655.
BATRA, T. R.,...

Journal of Dairy Science, 1970, 53, pp 631-688

Archer, S.J.; Kulkarni, S.; Mandy, W.J. Genetic control of the immune response in rabbits : 996.Atimmo, T.; Walker, E.F.; Pond, W.G.; Barnes, R.H. Effect of maternal protein v energy restriction on blood metabolites and reproductive performance in gilts : 910.Diakow, C.; Pfaff, D. Sensory and...

Federation Proceedings, 1973, 32, 3, I, pp 211-1194

AMPY, F., and BOGART, R. Some physiological studies on growth and feed efficiency in beef cattle (Bos domesticus): 386.
BANKS, E. M. Ontogenesis of the motor patterns of sexual behaviour in rams: 389-390.
BECK, S. L. Association of polydactyly and anophthalmia [in the mouse]: 390-391.
BECK, S. L....

American Zoologist, 1962, 2, pp 385-463

ANDEBSON, W. R., and FLIPSB, R. J. Origin and fatty acid composition of the glycerides in the semen of dairy bulls: 619.
ABAVE, C. W., and LABEN, R. C. Study of genetic progress in California dairy herds: 629.
BAKEB, F. N. Vital staining before Feulgen-DNA determinations on bovine spermatozoa: 636. ...

Journal of Dairy Science, 1963, 46, pp 591-650

BECKER, W. Maternal influence in rat lines selected for body weight: 564. CHAI, C. K. Genetics of body size in mice: a quantitative approach to gene action and segregation: 566. CRARY, D. D., and SAWIN, P. B. Some " nonspecific " (racial) and specific gene effects upon regional growth in the...

Genetics, 1955, 40, pp 563-603

An analysis of the incubation records of more than 1, 200 hens was made to determine the relationship between the proportion of eggs laid which are infertile and the rate of egg production.
The hens which laid 13 to 22 eggs during a 6-week period produced a larger proportion of infertile eggs...

Journal of Agricultural Research, 1940, 61, pp 191-206

ASTWOOD, E. B. Induction of deciduomata in rats by means of progesterone: 4-5. BLOUNT, R. F. The question of developmental dependence for the hypophysis upon the brain: 7-8. BOLING, J. L., WILSON, J. G., and FISH, W. R. The maternal ovaries and sexual behaviour of the young and the mother at...

Anatomical Record, 1939, 73, Suppl. No. 2, pp 1-77

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