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Fueston, V.M., III.; Richardson, J.H. The response of CFW vs. CF 1 mice to space deprivation and increased social contact : 63.Garrick, M.D.; Garrick, L.M. Genetically determined heterogeneity in the beta chains of rabbit hemoglobin and associated polyribosome patterns : 63.Jones, J.; Krey, H.P....

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BOESIGER, E. [Effect of inbreeding in the Japanese quail (Coturnix c. japonica T. and S.): 196.
BOUGLER, J. [Mammary equilibrium and ease of milking in dairy...

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ARAVE, C. W., and LAMB, R. C. Relationship between a dairy cattle production index and genotype at the serum transferrin and four milk protein loci: 666.
ARORA, K. K., and FREEMAN, A. E. Environmental correlation between paternal half-sibs for milk and milk fat production: 655.
BATRA, T. R.,...

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AHLSCHWEDE, W. T., and ROBISON, O. W. Influence of climatic conditions on litter size in swine: 916.
ALGEO, J. W., and GASSNER, F. X. Effect of poly-diethylstilbestrol phosphate (PSP) injected sub-cutaneously on the growth of beef cattle. I. Suckling and weanling calves: 896.
ALGEO, J. W., and...

Journal of Animal Science, 1966, 25, pp 877-933

AMPY, F., and BOGART, R. Some physiological studies on growth and feed efficiency in beef cattle (Bos domesticus): 386.
BANKS, E. M. Ontogenesis of the motor patterns of sexual behaviour in rams: 389-390.
BECK, S. L. Association of polydactyly and anophthalmia [in the mouse]: 390-391.
BECK, S. L....

American Zoologist, 1962, 2, pp 385-463

Živočišná Výroba, 1973, 18, 8, pp 619-632

BAKER, B. D., and DZIUK, P. J. Fertilization in artificially inseminated gilts: 1224.
BELL, J. M. Growth rates of Yorkshire, Lacombe, Landrace and cross-bred swine: 1206-1207.
BERESKIN, B., and TOUCHBERRY, B. W. Effects of breed group and pregnancy on paunch girth: 1197.

Journal of Animal Science, 1964, 23, pp 1197-1230

Aldred, J. P., Stob, M., and Andrews, F. N. Effect of high temperature, chlorpromazine and progesterone upon embryonic survival in the mouse: 964. Alien, L. B., Thomas, H. R., Graham, P. P., Kelly, E. F., and Brooks, C. C. Effect of slaughter weight on composition and efficiency of swine: 923....

Journal of Animal Science, 1961, 20, pp 903-994

ALSMEYER, R. H., PALMER, A. Z., KOGER, M., and KIRK, W. G. Some genetic aspects of tenderness in beef: 1137. ANDERSON, L. L., DAY, B. N., EMMERSON, M. A., HAZEL, L. N., and MELAMPY, R. M. Effect of oestrogen and progesterone on early embryonic mortality in ovariectomized gilts: 1234-1235. BAIRD, D. ...

Journal of Animal Science, 1958, 17, pp 1136-1251

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