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In birds, after natural mating or artificial insemination (AI), sperms are transported through cloaca or vagina at the utero-vaginal junction (UVJ) of oviduct. Only 1% of the deposited sperm passes through the selection process in the vagina to reach the UVJ. In the UVJ, sperm enter the tubular...

Khillare, G. S.; Sastry, K. V. H.; Agrawal, R.; Prakash, A.; Mohan, J.; Singh, R. P.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
World's Poultry Science Journal, 2018, 74, 1, pp 35-44

Glycerol (GLY) and egg yolk (EY) are good cryoprotectants of avian and mammalian sperm, but in birds, they strongly inhibit the eventual fertilization of ova. Using the sperm penetration (SP-holes) assay and fertility trials, the present study investigates (1) the possible mechanism by which this...

Abouelezz, F. M. K.; Castaño, C.; Toledano-Díaz, A.; Esteso, M. C.; López-Sebastián, A.; Campo, J. L.; Santiago-Moreno, J.
Elsevier, New York, USA
Theriogenology, 2015, 83, 9, pp 1541-1547

Bashkeev, E.D.; Istomina, L.A. [Hormonal induction of oestrus in sows]: 393-394. Bogacheva, R.G. [Oestrogen level in heifers in relation to age]: 379-381. Bogomolov, V.V.; Sosnovskaya, Z.V. [Effect of the temperature of the artificial vagina at the moment of ejaculation on sperm survival, and the...

Leningrad, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno-Issledovatel'skii Institut Razvedeniya i Genetiki Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh., USSR
USSR, All-Union Research Institute for the Breeding and Genetics of Livestock: Proceedings of the 3rd conference of young research workers on genetics and breeding of livestock.: Materialy III konferentsii molodykh uchenykh po genetike i razvedeniyu sel'skokhozyaistvennykh zhivotnykh., 1973, pp 471 pp.

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