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In 1985, in Belgium, 633 529 cows were inseminated, of which 44% were Central and Upper Belgians, 21% Friesians, 19% Red Pieds and 16% East Flemish Red Pieds plus West Flemish Reds.

Tierzüchter, 1987, 39, 10, pp 414

Between 1950 and 1982, av. litter size at weaning of German Landraces increased from 8.6 to 9.5, number of piglets weaned per sow per year from 16.5 to 18.9, and preweaning piglet mortality was reduced from 18.3 to 7.6%. Between 1955 and 1982, av. daily gain increased from 769 to 812 g, feed...

Schmidt, L.
Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch, 1983, 60, 7, pp 795-842

Alsing, W.; Claus, R.; Pirchner, F.; Willeke, H. [Selection experiment on boar odour]: 148 [De].Auran, T.; Fimland, E.; Skjervold, H. [Effect of the foetus on milk production during the current lactation]: 153 [De].Baum, N. [The influence of artificial insemination on pig breeding and breeding...

Annales de Genetique et de Selection Animale, 1978, 10, pp 147-154

In 1972, in Belgium, there were 2 825 088 cattle, of which 936 719 were dairy cows, at 111 554 farms. Approximately 34% of all cows are milk recorded. In 1971, the yields of 85 751 Central and Upper Belgian, Meuse-Rhine-Yssel, West Flemish Red, Belgian Black Pied and Eastern Red Pied herdbook cows...

Tierzuchter, 1974, 26, 1, pp 29

To promote the breeding of heavy draft horses the country is to be divided into 3 areas according to soil conditions, and stallions must appear before a licensing commission every 2 yrs. Mare licensing has not yet been introduced but horse shows are proposed and prize mares will be taken off the...

Int. landw. Rdsch. III. Agrartech. [Rom]., 1940, 31, pp 267-270; 86-87

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