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The Animal Health & Production Compendium

Changes to Compendia distribution data: the distribution tables, maps and references in datasheets have been restructured to handle the data better for updating and align with a geographic standard. Further details are available on the About page.


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Feed/Nutrition Resources

AFRIS - Animal Feed Resources Information System
On-line database of animal feed resources, which is searchable by feed category, latin name, or common name. There is also a separately searchable picture library.

Dairy Cattle Nutrition - PennState University
Website containing various practical tools and information concerning the nutrition and husbandry of dairy cattle.

DFID: Livestock Production Programme
The Livestock Production Programme (LPP) was one of ten research programmes funded by the Rural Livelihoods Department of the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and was managed by NR International. The LPP funded, managed and promoted research aimed at improving people's livelihoods through livestock. The LPP Contract ended 31 March 2006. This website gives information about the programme and presents a portfolio of projects along with available outputs.

DRASTIC - A Dairy Rationing System for the Tropics
Stirling Thorne Associates
The DRASTIC computer software packages a new approach to rationing dairy cattle in the tropics. A major problem of rationing cows under these conditions is the lack of information on the nutritional quality of available feeds. This is compounded by a high degree of variation in feed quality that makes routine chemical analysis or reliance on "book values" for composition of little practical use. In order to address these difficulties, DRASTIC formulations access the whole range of variability observed in tropical feeds. Simple indicators of feed quality that may be applied by farmers are used to prime an artificial intelligence algorithm. This generates data to run a biological simulation of protein and energy nutrition that predicts the outcome, in terms of milk production achieved, of using a particular mix of feeds.

Tropical Forages: An Interactive Selection Tool
Tropical Forages is a tool for selecting forage species suitable for local conditions in the tropics and subtropics. It is an expert system based on the experiences of more than 50 forage specialists who have worked for many years in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, sub-tropical USA, Central and South America, South and South-east Asia and Australia. The production of Tropical Forages is a collaborative effort between CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (Queensland), Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

National Academies Press - online books

Nutrient requirements of beef cattle, seventh revised edition, 2000
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