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Cover for Swiss Brown cattle

The Swiss Brown, also called Braunvieh (German for ‘brown cow’), is derived from the Schwyzer, the best of the mountain breeds that existed in...

Cover for Murray Grey cattle

Murray Grey cattle all descend from a light roan Shorthorn cow that produced a total of 12 light-grey calves when mated with various Aberdeen Angus...

Cover for Ankole cattle

This important group on the foothill grasslands around the big central lakes of East Africa includes the most dramatically horned of all the sangas...

Cover for Friesian cattle breeds

The origins of the Bos taurus Friesian cattle breed were the black and white animals of migrant European tribes, the Batavians and the Friesians, who...

Cover for Sanga cattle breeds

Sanga is the collective name for the indigenous cattle of Sub-Saharan Africa, now classified as Bos taurus africanus. Sanga cattle are characterized...

Cover for Cervus elaphus (red deer)

The association of man with deer is long and close. Reindeer thriving at the end of the last glaciation were probably followed, perhaps herded, and...

Cover for Cervus canadensis (wapiti)

The association of man with deer is long and close. Wapiti have presumably been hunted throughout much of their range, and have been kept in...

Cover for Northern Dairy Shorthorn cattle

The Shorthorn group of breeds evolved in an area of northern England bordering the River Tees (see datasheet on Shorthorn Cattle breeds). The group...

Cover for Shorthorn Cattle breeds

There were reports of superior shorthorn cattle in Yorkshire as early as the sixteenth century, which were probably mainly derived from red-and-white...

Cover for Simmental cattle

[This summary was compiled using the following sources: American Simmental Association website; Bradley and Cunningham, 1999; Gillespie, 1995; Mason,...

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